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Samo presents the new 4-door sliding corner version

21 May 2024

The perfect synthesis of space-saving design and maximum comfort in the innovative pyxis range


Samo – a historic reference brand in the bathroom sector, which over the years has become synonymous with the Italian shower experience – interprets Pyxis‘ exceptional technical supremacy that is being the thinnest and most resistant at the same time also in the unprecedented 4-door sliding corner version.

The novelty expands the homonymous shower enclosure range and it is offered as the perfect solution for furnishing bathrooms of reduced dimensions increasing the design flexibility, making the most of space without sacrificing comfort. This version boasts thinnest aluminum profiles available on the market and 6 mm thick tempered glass panels that make it an extraordinary proposition in terms of strength and solidity performance. The clean and essential design is completed by UV-glued pads and magnetic profile closure on the sliding doors for an increasingly sophisticated aesthetic that does not require screws in line with the aesthetic concept of the collection.

With a view to maximum customization, 6 different catalogue colours are available: metallic pink, chrome, black, white, nickel and brushed bronze, all in a matt version, in addition to the classic chrome version. To make the project even more custom-made in the name of uniqueness, in addition to the transparent and transparent grey glass, it is possible to choose from no less than 7 eclectic digital prints for the tempered glass panes which, through elegant colour suggestions and customized combinations, enhance the design of the proposal.

The new 4-door corner sliding Pyxis confirms the synthesis of Samo’s design thinking aimed at maximum customization, a new expression of profound technical know-how and an elegant aesthetic taste at the service of the individual.

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