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SapienStone launches Il Veneziano collection

29 June 2022

SapienStone is Iris Ceramica Group’s brand specialized in top-quality porcelain stoneware kitchen tops


Building on its longstanding history of innovation, SapienStone is launching the Il Veneziano collection inspired by a centuries-old Italian tradition: the Venetian Seminato. This type of flooring, which is one of the most original and sustainable creations of the Italian artisan school, was once used to embellish villas and noble palaces in the Veneto region. It was made by mixing marble waste and crushed stone, which were then incorporated into lime or cement.

SapienStone brings back the fascinating aesthetic appeal of terrazzo flooring by creating three new porcelain stoneware countertops: Seminato Candido, Seminato Beige and Seminato Nero. The beautiful decoration on the surface can be found in the 12 mm thick version: small textured fragments give life to an everlasting material, thus demonstrating the Brand’s technological expertise in manufacturing full-bodied porcelain stoneware. This is an added value that enhances the design of the material, which has been perfected down to the smallest detail by SapienStone.

The three countertops in the Il Veneziano collection are in neutral colours that suit both modern and traditional kitchens and give them an elegant and dynamic look. They are available in large format slabs (320×150 cm), a size that is ideal to cover large areas, and in two finishes: Naturale, for a more understated effect, and Polished, which adds shine to the surface.

The beauty of the texture is complemented by technical features such as resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock, to UV rays and to acid and corrosive products. In addition, the surfaces are easy to clean, which makes them hygienic and safe, with a focus on user well-being. SapienStone surfaces are born from natural raw materials and are produced in a sustainable way, sustainably produced in zero-emission plants.


Technical specifications:

Collection: Il Veneziano

Colors: Seminato Candido, Seminato Beige and Seminato Nero

Finish: Naturale, Polished

Format: 320×150 cm

Thickness: 12 mm



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