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27 February 2024

Specific lighting solutions for every plant’s need and type


Light is essential for the health of plants. Natural light is not always sufficient in indoor environments, apartments, offices, shopping malls and spaces where the beloved plants are protagonists but often not correctly lit.

It is very important for SIDE S.p.A. to inform its customers and solve problems regarding the maintenance of plants located in indoor places that need to be lit by improving the aesthetics and health of green areas. Also, not all light sources of the available luminaires may be suitable for illuminating plants. The studies carried out by professionals in the biological sciences, with whom SIDE collaborates, to investigate the correct maintenance of plants in environments with little or even no natural light, has led the Lissone-based company to develop a range of luminaires with a specific LED, designed solely and exclusively to illuminate indoor green areas.

Users often wonder why, after only a few weeks of having invested money to buy vertical walls, plants or trees and having placed them indoors, the latter have an unhealthy appearance, with loss of leaves, dull colours, dryness up to the death of the plant itself, despite proper care. That is where the studies conducted by SIDE come in, leading to a peculiar LED installation with a 100% spectrum suitable for guaranteeing years of life in green areas without natural light, all clearly supported by proper maintenance. SIDE can help its customers by providing designers who will develop the lighting study by indicating, through simple guidelines, which could be the ideal luminaire for the type of existing plant or evaluating together the choice of the most suitable plants and the optimal luminaire for these areas.

Technology, innovation, studies and quality 100% made in Italy blend with the design of HC lamps.


On the SIDE’s website, everyone can request the brochure dedicated to the Horticultural sector through one of Side’s many partner agents throughout Italy.

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