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Soriano, the extremely pop classic

27 June 2022

SOVIL responds to new needs by reinterpreting the best of the past


Thirty years after its first appearance on the market, Soriano® is back. A classic revisited in a pop version from SOVIL production that responds to new lighting requirements, reinterpreting the best of the past. At the origin of the collection, there is a story dating back to the mid-eighties, when ViterVetro sensed the need to present on the market an unprecedented formula for outdoor lighting, thus conceived a line of original and captivating products. Distinctive features of this new outdoor line were the use of bright colours such as red, yellow and green and the innovative design, declined in luminaires that quickly spread to gardens throughout Italy.

Today Soriano® has been revisited in a more modern key to ensure maximum brightness, energy savings and extreme ease of installation. It is built according to the strict criteria of the latest regulations and equipped with a transparent and reverberant thermoplastic diffuser, top cover and post-top joint in die-cast aluminium treated with sandblasting, pickling and anti-corrosion treatment for a correct painting particularly suitable for outdoor use. All the small parts supplied are in stainless steel.

Soriano® is available in three versions E27, LED 50W and LED 22W, the latter designed to increase light efficiency, significantly reducing wattage, and consequent consumption. The 50W version develops 4905 real lumens, while the 22W 2933 real lumens version provides a consumption reduction of more than 50% compared to 50W. Available in two light colour shades, 3000K for warmer lighting and 4000K for neutral lighting. The solution with a 330 mm diameter is highly versatile and has a strong ability to adapt to different contexts without ever losing its lighting functionality.

The 60 mm standard connection favours the old systems replacement and, in any case, is ideal for lighting the outdoors without interfering with the surrounding environment and minimizing light pollution. Therefore, these LED luminaires can guarantee accent lighting, perfect for flower beds, avenues and walkways, even in large dimensions. The high protection degree (IP65) and the range of pastel colours as the new sage, dove grey and moss, with classic white, graphite and corten, make it easy to adapt to the shades currently used by architects and urban decorators. These particular colours of great appeal make Soriano® an extremely functional design element, ideal for elegantly illuminating any garden or urban area.

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