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Stosa Cucine: increasingly sustainable production and supply chain certified FSC®

30 June 2022

Increasingly focused on sustainability, the Tuscan company continues its partnership with FSC to offer consumers kitchens made from certified wood from a supply chain which supports sustainable forest management. This process began ten years ago and led to the redesign of supplies and production lines in order to eventually convert all models into certified kitchen systems without any price hike. The presentation was held at the Stosa Point in Corso Sempione in Milan, the latest commercial business inaugurated in the Lombard capital


Stosa Cucine is increasingly choosing sustainability by presenting the first FSC-certified product lines and announcing its intention to convert all the models in its range into products made from certified furniture. An ethical choice, explained during the Press event – moderated by environmental and scientific journalist Rudi Bressa – which was held in Milan at the Stosa Point in Corso Sempione 51, an area of over 430m2 which exhibits a composition of the Metropolis kitchen model, FSC® certified, the result of the beginning of a technological path of conversion of production lines.

Stosa Cucine’s green commitment began ten years ago. “Back in 2009 – explains David Sani, Sales Director Italy of Stosa Cucine – we had already created a rigorous quality control protocol, setting up a specialised manager who was responsible for organizing the production and carrying out a careful selection of the suppliers following precise criteria. Naturally, we could not ignore how our production processes could impact the environment and we chose to create and be part of a supply chain which reflected this. In 2012 we committed to the certification of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and today we have achieved the goal of offering our consumers products made with certified material: from Art, the first prototyped and marketed line, to Karma and Metropolis. However, our task involves rethinking the design and production lines, in order to convert all models into FSC certified products. Upon request, today customers can request a certified composition”.

“In 2021, FSC supply chain certifications increased by 12.2% and FSC is today the best-known forest certification brand – underlines Diego Florian, director of FSC Italy -, with a brand awareness of 70%, and ten percentage points more in over four years*. The wood-furniture sector is among those that are growing the most: we are witnessing an increasingly deep-rooted environmental awareness in many companies, which corresponds, by consumers, to the demand for safe and reliable practicable solutions to problems such as deforestation and the climate crisis”.

In Italy, there are 608 FSC certifications in total in the interior and exterior furniture sector, which grew by 14% in one year and with an increase of 99 businesses over the last 12 months**.

“With its commitment not only in production, but also in promoting sustainability choices, Stosa, which won the Communication Award in the 2021 European edition of the FSC Furniture Awards, the competition organised by FSC to recognise the commitment of companies certified in the interior and exterior furniture categories, proposes to lead a revolution which is already underway combining sustainable production and consumption” concludes Florian.

The special award was motivated by the choice to support FSC’s values through digital, social and television communication strategies. Stosa Cucine’s commitment was also recognised by FSC in 2020: the company was given the Award in the category of Interior Furniture – Kitchens Section for having produced the first kitchen with FSC certified furniture as standard.


Stosa Cucine

FSC Italia


*Source: Globescan Research on the FSC market, 2021

** Source: Public Database of FSC certifications, December 2021

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