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Suymuri System, an open project by Vesoi bridging efficiency and aesthetics

23 February 2024

Specialized in the decorative lighting, Vesoi has been expression of ‘italian lighting’ for 40 years, offering solutions for private residences, offices, and public spaces. Vesoi internally develops various project phases from concept to production with luminaire and lighting system designed for flexibility of use and easy configuration: open projects. Projects are carried out with responsibility and attention, selecting components with low environmental impact and products with high quality standards in Europe and worldwide, ensuring durability.

In Vesoi, innovation and culture of design are integrated into an interdisciplinary approach where each product is born from an emotion, transforming into a lighting project. Vesoi loves to define projects as open in response to commercial challenges and sensitive to changes in lifestyles and contemporary living contexts, with increasingly articulated product solutions and technologies.

A clear example of our project idea is Suymuri System. A simple and innovative solution, with minimal production effort and genuine attention to the planet: more green with less. A project with geometric proportions that can seamlessly integrate into a space, asserting its presence, capable of regulating its emission, and enhancing the quality of the most precious material used for LED: aluminum, ensuring quality, durability, efficiency, and end-of-life reuse. A fixture that views homes like large spaces, with limitless usage flexibility and simple installation with various light control systems, available both recessed and surface-mounted on walls or ceilings. High efficiency from 1800-2800 lm/meter and visible connecting elements that identify the Suymuri project, making its design stand out.

An artisanal approach beyond the classical sense, of Vesoi, which lives in lighting design and respects its origins, valuing pathways with experiences and human resources at the center, along with their expertise.

Simple: simplicity as a cultural approach and a living philosophy applied to work as in life.



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