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Borselli: tailored profiles and attention to details

11 March 2021

For over 40 years Borselli produces framed and coated profiles, semi-finished products and furnishing components. The latest intuition gains the market rewards: PVC outdoor profiles to intensify the business


In Italy, during the economic boom and the first student demonstrations, Mario Borselli is an enterprising barber with some savings. He sets his three children for life, introducing them to different careers, then he decides that the barbershop is not enough and decides to turn into a true entrepreneur.

It happens in the Marche region, on the hills behind Pesaro coast, where one of the liveliest furniture districts is taking shape. Mario and his partner Romeo decided to found the company Borselli & Biancalana, producing shavings for packaging and padding. And that are the boom years when people gladly spend and buy and the companies ship to Italy and worldwide. The use of shavings is a winning idea that makes Borselli & Biancalana great until they feel that the market requires a change. The furniture and furnishing sector is rapidly growing and there starts the production of wooden profiles. Skirtings, cornice, bed frames, handles are intended for those rooms and bedrooms that are chosen to set up a house or to renovate it once a pretty good nest egg has been put aside.

In the meantime, Mario is gone hit by a stroke. His son Sandro works in the company, in his early twenties, who left his job as a chemical expert to carry on his father’s adventure. The old partner, Romeo, supports Sandro like a father. The company grows and several years after their paths diverge. It is the early nineties. The profiles are still going well but wood is no longer enough.

The market has now cleared through cheaper and more adaptable material like MDF coated with paper and PVC. Borselli thus starts the journey in that direction. A medium-sized company (5.5 million in turnover and about forty employees) capable of covering wood, MDF, chipboard, PVC, aluminium and steel with decorative paper or PVC. When Sandro’s nephew and son-in-law join the company, they look at a new business as a natural accomplishment of what he became great with, i.e. outdoor cladding.

Borselli’s second plant can produce laminate aluminium and PVC profiles for windows and doors using Renolit and Skai-Continental films according to the severe RAL-GZ 716 standards. While the procedures and materials have changed, the attention to details remains the same, the same care Mario used to have while adjusting his client’s beard in his barbershop.



  • 2 factories
  • 8 coating lines
  • Production capacity of 4,000,000 linear meters of coated profiles per year
  • Chain of Custody FSC® certification guaranteeing the traceability of the materials coming from certified forests
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