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Technological innovation for an ancient material: Gritti’s design for glass and light

16 November 2022

Herris Iannucci – CEO/Managing director Gritti Lighting design


Glass, a material intimately linked to the history of the Venetian lagoon, is ready to challenge contemporaneity with the experience, high technology, culture, and discipline of lighting design. The new brand Gritti grafts the spirit of dynamic business and the search for new functional and expressive forms in the fertile Venetian tradition as it adopts the most advanced technology of our time in lighting design.

With the consolidated background of an artisan furnace, Gritti is a brand that is facing the contemporary challenge of increasingly sophisticated and complex fields: glass and lighting technology travel together into the atmospheres of the most cutting-edge design, making research on modern standards and the innovation of light sources available to an international audience by means of the projects and poetics of art director Marc Sadler.

Explorations of meaning, team spirit and organisation, a drive towards development and a concrete business sense: Gritti enhances the know-how of its glassblowers by combining it with a new design and opening up to the international market with an advanced and surprising vision of the new lighting for interiors. Investigating the phenomena of transparency and light, Gritti conceives design solutions and finally opens up a previously unexplored page in the modern interpretation of glass in lighting technology.

The material is rekindled, with the impetus of innovation in its extraordinary inner essence: Gritti’s distinctive signature emerges in the sculpture and engineering of the light and gives it a poetic and enthusiastic vision for the future.



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