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The Hotel Querceto, Amidst Lake and Mountain

28 April 2023

A unique view of Lake Garda surrounded by the mountainous landscape of Monte Baldo. That is where the Hotel Querceto stands, a recent project by® studio – ideal partner in residential and luxury hotellerie interior design and in the creation of custom-made furniture and original environments. Positioned in the green hillside overlooking Malcesine and a few kilometers from the shores of Lake Garda, Hotel Querceto is an exclusive accommodation and relaxation destination for couples.

The intervention of the® studio, founded by the architect Giulia Delpiano and designer Corrado Conti, included restyling the rooms and contributing to a new vision of hospitality design while maintaining the original layout of the structure. Thirty standard rooms divided on the three different levels of the hotel are characterized by a linear neat style, with natural materials. A look&feel recalling the lake and mountains while enhancing the spaces for greater comfort and ensuring guest well-being.

The project saw a predominant focus in the redistribution of the bathroom areas to make them more functional, spacious, thus increasing the size of the shower stalls and playing on the idea of a “diffuse” bathroom with a sink in the room itself. Regarding distribution layout, the rooms all share the same concept but at the same time, each is unique in terms of details, decorations and furniture elements, all of which custom-designed by®. A characteristic feature are the bed headboards, for which the studio selected panels equipped with backlighting, which illuminate the wallpaper behind to give a dramatic and visually striking effect.

In the headboards there are cushions specially designed to make the headrests of the beds soft, comfortable and functional. In the choice of materials, the goal was to give texture to the rooms, looking for a wood and stone effect in the design for an elegant and refined result. This restyling began in September 2021 and, after the first phase was completed on the second floor in April 2022, it is now continuing on the other two floors of the Hotel Querceto. The creativity of the design perfectly combines with the soul of the structure and the estate, which aims to give its guests a 360-degree experience, integrated with an indoor and outdoor wellness area and a beautiful 7000m² park in which to admire the colors and scents that come from the lake and the mountains and are recalled in the rooms’ environments.

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