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The Human and Scientific light

28 October 2020



INTEGRALIS® is an innovative light, perfectly integrated into the products of the Artemide collections, that sanitizes spaces. INTEGRALIS® combines sanitizing efficacy with luminous performance and design beauty. It also integrates itself in both the environments and moments of life by interpreting the rhythms and needs of mankind. INTEGRALIS® is managed by Artemide App, a digital interaction system accessible to all. INTEGRALIS® was born from Artemide’s scientific and technological research and humanistic and social vision.


INTEGRALIS® is sanitizing light and interaction

INTEGRALIS® is a project that associates and integrates the visible and invisible spectral range in an innovative formula capable of regenerating the environmental qualities of the space. It is a light that can act against pathogenic microorganisms in the environment by just illuminating them. INTEGRALIS® is a range of lighting solutions that helps man to live spaces more safely, protecting their health. Artemide INTEGRALIS®  is an open and versatile platform.

The selected frequencies of visible light inhibit the development and growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. UV acts on pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses. The combination of different technologies and the gradation of the light emission spectra is able to enhance the efficacy of the sanitizing action while performing in full respect of people’s safety and without causing damage to the materials normally present in the room, thanks to the intelligences it incorporates.


INTEGRALIS® follows the rhythm of life

INTEGRALIS® operates according to a parametric approach that offers a scientific and measured answer. It works on the concept of “dose”; they, in fact, adapt the intensity of the sanitizing action according to the rhythm of permanence and absence of people in the spaces, to the type of environments and to the objective of the intervention. Different methods of disinfection can be applied individually or integrated with each other by combining the relationship between technologies, powers, times and results. In spaces where the presence of people is constant during the day but interrupted in the evening, such as in offices or shops, museum and educational spaces, disinfection with maximum radiation intensity and without occupancy can be carried out during the night.

In the same space, during the day, it is possible to opt for a non-offensive emission of sanitization maintenance thanks to the special spectral component of the patented INTEGRALIS® technology. This approach offers a perfect functional white light which, at the same time, is active against bacteria. In spaces with a limited perimeter such as service areas, elevators, toilets, dressing rooms, halls and waiting rooms, where the permanence of people is temporary, you can choose a punctual “intermittent” sanitization. This method is activated and deactivated through presence sensors, acting only in people absence with greater intensity and in less time in order to guarantee the safety and sanitization of the space for each user.


INTEGRALIS® is design

INTEGRALIS® is a product landscape for both personal and collective, public and private applications. INTEGRALIS® is integrated into numerous products of the Artemide collection allowing to improve the safety and environmental quality of human life in different application context. This innovative technology is combined with the quality, expressiveness and beauty of Artemide design. Artemide’s competence and know-how are also translated into customized project solutions through dedicated consultancy.



Artemide App enables an intelligent management of INTEGRALIS®. Thanks to Artemide App, it is possible to activate the different real-time sanitization modes or recall preset scenarios. Artemide App allows the control of the various interacting technologies such as presence sensors. This control is essential for the use of INTEGRALIS® in complete safety, avoiding the photobiological risk in the presence of man. INTEGRALIS® is an innovative and sustainable light platform aimed at a conscious and responsible use towards the environment.


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