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The Radisson Collection Hotel Santa Sofia in Milan

20 October 2023

Alessandro Mario Cesario and Studio Atelier P designed all the common areas of The Radisson Collection Hotel Santa Sofia realised by the Interior Contractor Concreta


At the Radisson Collection Hotel Santa Sofia in Milan, the trip never ends, but turns into a continuous exploration which expands the gaze and meet the desire of non-conventional elegance and comfort. Alessandro Mario Cesario and Studio Atelier P designed the hotel’s common areas by transforming them into prismatic spaces that reveal many suggestions and perspectives. They took inspiration from the discreet and intimate atmosphere of the Anglo-Saxon hospitality, enlivened by a mix of eclectic elements that suggest experiences, memories, passages from one side of the globe to the other.

Concreta, an interior contractor specialising in the design, production, and supply of customised furniture for receptive structures, has tailored the furniture of all common areas to the firm’s design, providing a turnkey service. A colour guide that meets the mirror effect of marble-look stoneware by Florim on the floor and columns, and continues until the Sofia Kitchen & Bar.

The Cocktail Bar is housed in the former courtyard and is perfectly in line with the high aesthetic and functional standard offered by the architectural project of Studio Marco Piva. The building’s austerity, Allianz’s former headquarters, is softened on the inside by the gentle shapes of seats and tables inspired by Alessandro Mario Cesario and realised by Concreta on a AP design, in the soft textures of jacquard fabrics and more generally in the strong tactile dimension that Atelier P, thanks to the expert eye of the interior decorator Alessandro Mario Cesario, gave to the dining and lounge area.

Architects Luca Piccinno and Mattia Pareschi sculpted a private dimension in a space indented for a heterogeneous, demanding public, who do not give up on seeing the charming hotel as an extension of their home or workplace. From the creative track made by AMC, a sense of living emerges throughout special lighting technology, like the 1930s abat jour – made by Concreta and designed by AP – on the bar counter and the large chandeliers designed by the Studio; to the curved embrace of sofas, armchairs, and velvet stools – always on a design – and the wallpaper.

A maximalist style that is an antidote to excessive formalism and succeeds in creating truly extraordinary micro-universes, such as the private lounge, also on the ground floor. Privacy is guaranteed by a fabric partition reminiscent of folding doors by Gio Ponti made by DOOOR and echoes the floral motifs realised at INKIOSTRO BIANCO on the walls, while glass chandeliers with trimmings of Rothschildbicker fall on the long, linear table by Taula Interior, AP design.

With just the right amount of daring, the lobby is also shaped, a wraparound area divided from the coworking area by a vintage ceiling-high bookcase. On this side, Radisson Hotels overlooks Corso Italia and Santa Sofia. The lifts are framed by a shelving unit that houses numerous volumes, photographs and other memorabilia, the result of expert research by AMC, and lead to the ISSEI Rooftop, restaurant and Cocktail bar that unites Japanese and South American flavours.

The multi-ethnic route dictates the guidelines of the concept, which seeks elements of continuity with certain architectural details as well as with the table. The striped wallpaper wants to join the ceiling weave, also striped, and dictates the colour palette: here, warm earthy tones dominate, exotic colours that light up in contrasts with black and orange. The mood winks at the 1920s, brings back a mahogany counter, chandeliers and hat stands.

Concreta’s table coffees, designed by AP, are art deco and dialogue with mid-century polished briarwood sideboards. Spanning time and space, this is the hallmark of the ALESSANDRO M. CESARIO and Atelier P. duo, that manage to fuse two parts and two cultures at antipodes: the precision of the Rising Sun and the warmth of South America. Any vision arising from the vision of AMC and from the pencil of Milanese designers is realised by CONCRETA, interior contractor, a reference in the hospitality field.

Research, development, technology and personalised customer service have enabled CONCRETA to continue to guarantee construction quality, on time and on budget for total customer satisfaction, which is the basis of the company’s mission.

Finally, the restyling project includes a stop on the fourth floor. The exteriors will be the protagonists with an open-air, elevated swimming pool, accessible by means of a wooden platform and around it.



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