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Titus’ Engineered Solutions for easy assembly

16 October 2023

Introducing the new t-type hinge now even faster to assembly and new addition for smooth handleless door opening


Designed to Perform, Built for Convenience

When it comes to cabinet hardware, performance and convenience are the cornerstones of innovation. Titus, a renowned player in the industry, has consistently upheld these values with their remarkable solutions. The latest offerings, the T-type PressTo hinge and the Push Latch S2, exemplify Titus’s commitment to engineered solutions that prioritise easy assembly without compromising on performance.


T-type PressTo Hinge: Engineered for Endurance and Ease

At the forefront of this innovation lies the new addition to the T-type hinge family, T-type PressTo, featuring a robust design with an integrated damping mechanism. This unique combination assures a lifetime of reliable performance, for up to 200,000 cycles throughout its lifetime. This is particularly significant for thicker and heavier cabinet doors that are prone to sagging. The innovative PressTo tool-free hinge cup introduces an advanced approach, facilitating quick and easy hinge mounting. The hinge cup securely attaches the hinge to the cabinet using manual pressure, eliminating the need for additional tools.

This quick and easy-to-mount hinge cup doesn’t require tools or screws for installation. It’s simply inserted into the cup hole and snapped into the locked position. Locking the hinge cup is easy and requires little effort to press. There is a distinct closing action accompanied by an audible click when pressed to lock, which signifies a confident and reliable attachment of the hinge cup to the door. When locked in position, the expanding sleeve on the cup spreads and engages with the wood material, creating a secure and tight joint in chipboard, MDF, and solid wood. The hinge cup rests firmly against the door surface, eliminating any visible gap between the hinge and the door.


Push Latch S2: Solution for effortless touch opening of handleless cabinets

In the era of handleless cabinet designs, the Push Latch S2 stands out as a solution that seamlessly integrates simplicity with advanced engineering. The second generation of Titus’s push opening system for handleless cabinet doors provides noiseless opening and consistent soft landing on a wide range of doors. A defining feature of the Push Latch S2 is its built-in damping mechanism, which masterfully controls the motion generated by a push action, resulting in a decisive yet smooth door opening free of any rebounce.

When it comes to door closing, the Push Latch S2 doesn’t leave anything to chance. The door closing is confident, reliable and always right the first time. The door-to-side panel gap adjustment guarantees accuracy and reliability of performance across all applications. Safety is paramount, and the firmly fixed adjustment button incorporates a safety detachment function designed to prevent accidental removal and ensures uninterrupted usage. By integrating the new T-type PressTo hinge into the T-type family and the Push Latch S2, Titus enhances cabinet hardware with improved functionality, effortless installation, and enhanced durability.

Meanwhile, the Push Latch S2’s seamless touch-open mechanism ensures a quiet and confident interaction with handleless cabinets. These innovations are a testament to Titus’s commitment to combining performance and ease, always bearing in mind to providing manufacturers with component solutions that improve their competitiveness. As homes evolve, these solutions stand ready to meet the demands of both form and function, leading the way into a new era of innovative cabinet hardware.

Furniture manufacturers interested in learning about the benefits of Titus’s new products have the opportunity to do so at the Titus stand (Hall 2, Stand B44 / C45) at SICAM, from October 17th to 20th, 2023 in Pordenone, Italy.


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