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Trends and innovations on display at ORGATEC 2024

8 April 2024

From 22 to 25 October 2024, the leading international trade fair for the future of work will showcase the latest developments, products and trends set to shape tomorrow’s working world


Excitement is in the air in the build-up to ORGATEC, which opens its doors in four months’ time. After all, the dynamic process of transformation taking place in today’s world of work is almost unprecedented. More than ever, the office is called upon to meet the changing needs of employees and become more flexible, diverse and appealing. A look at today’s office furnishing sector reveals the trends that reflect our changing lifestyles and work-related needs.

Today’s office workers want an inspiring work environment where they feel at ease. For that reason, contemporary office design is centred around creating a positive atmosphere. Moving away from the rigidity of traditional office furniture, today’s designs provide an avenue to play around with vibrant hues on the various components. Furniture design takes inspiration from fluid, harmonious lines and organic shapes. Other office features such as carpets boasting an inspired use of colour and atmospheric lighting create a pleasant ambience, fostering a deeper emotional connection to the workplace. Generation Z in particular finds the notion of fixed workplaces less appealing. The office is therefore literally on the move. Versatile furniture designed to be used when working at desks, in meeting spaces and in home offices is conducive to an agile workflow. Mobile working is also facilitated by partition systems that can be moved around the office to create creative spaces and clip-on lockable storage boxes. Weather-resistant armchairs and sofas, meanwhile, transform terraces into cosy outdoor work areas. Today, even power strips are agile, acting as modular systems that cater to different workspaces and requirements.

The office furnishing sector is increasingly adopting a circular approach, viewing this as a competitive advantage. When designing office furniture, consideration is therefore being given to how it can later be disassembled. Used materials such as PET, metal and compostable materials are reused to produce it. To avoid waste, manufacturing residues such as PU foam or packaging are repurposed as recycled raw materials. Return options for office furniture, which manufacturers refurbish and sell after use, are another well-rounded solution.

Recent surveys indicate a growing demand for personal space in the office. Accordingly, intelligently designed cubicles featuring a semi-open layout create a serene atmosphere in open offices and provide acoustic insulation without impeding communication between employees. New products such as noise-dampening seats and floor-mounted screens also combine effective acoustics with visual appeal. Moreover, acoustic pods and multifunctional room dividers silently transform open-plan areas into personal workspaces, paving the way for hybrid work models.


Clean lines: championing simplicity

The design of many new products in the office furniture sector likewise exudes a sense of calm. The rather unsentimental “less is more” of early modernism has been given a stylish update. Furniture inspired by minimalist design creates an environment characterised by understated simplicity. The clarity of form signifies enduring aesthetics and conveys care and respect for the materials used. These are often natural wood and textiles, which boost well-being and reduce stress.


Smarter working: office connectivity

Smart office solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Even the design of today’s work environments is based on 3D virtual realities. With multi-space offices, employees can quickly find the perfect spot to concentrate or exchange ideas by means of a booking app. Meanwhile, smart lockers ensure that documents are stored securely and facilitate their handover to colleagues. When it comes to video calls, meetings are set to shine thanks to digitally bookable acoustic pods equipped with 4G access and various lighting modes.

All these aspects indicate a shift in office culture towards a welcoming and open work environment for all. ORGATEC 2024 will respond to this development with a wide-ranging programme. In addition to innovations presented by exhibitors, various dedicated Focus Areas will offer inspiring insights into trends and developments shaping the future of work environments, where professionals from across the globe will have the chance to explore what will be possible in the office of tomorrow.


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