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Trends of kitchen design in 2023: silence and uniformity

8 May 2023

Titus continually strives to be at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing furniture components


Keeping up with developments and stylistic trends means continuing to offer solutions for the furniture industry, consumer-focused, simple to install, and durable over time. That is why TITUS has always been oriented towards a careful evaluation of new trends in the world of kitchen design able to enter the market.

Among these, the silence of the mechanisms and the absence of handles seem to be the most current trends. Titus’ products are designed and manufactured to offer that final technological touch for the new design trends of the future kitchens.


Quiet kitchens

The design of quiet kitchens is a well-established trend and is certainly a feature that users will hardly be able to give up even in the years to come. Always more frequently, homeowners look for a drastic noise reduction to obtain a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

One way to achieve this is to use soft close or damping mechanisms to reduce noise in the kitchen. Titus hinges feature the Titus damper at their core, Titus proprietary technology, which uses a built-in hydraulic damping system to reduce speed and noise when opening and closing doors and drawers.

That leads to the appreciated and pleasant soft-close effect. Soft-close mechanisms offer numerous benefits, as they add a sophisticated finish, preventing doors from slamming and thus contributing to the longevity of the kitchen itself. Titus’ range of damping solutions includes silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft close drawer runners, all of which are engineered for the trend of so-called quiet kitchens.


Handleless design

Clean and uniform design is another trend confirmed as one of the most appreciated by consumers. A uniform finish is especially valued by lovers of sophisticated minimalism in décor, with hidden cabinets and handleless drawers giving the kitchen a sleek, modern look. The new generation of Titus Push Latch S2 and the thin-walled Tekform Slimline Tacto drawer enables the furniture manufacturer to achieve this design goal.

The new Titus Push Latch S2 push-to-open system for handleless doors offers noise-free, bounce-free opening and reliable door closing. It incorporates a damping system that controls the outward movement activated by the Push, allowing for a decisive but controlled, silent and bounce-free opening of the door. The closing of the door is reliable, safe and guaranteed on the first attempt. The Push Latch S2 is easy to fit, works with hinges with or without an integrated damper, and accommodates drilling standards without the need for any modifications. It is available in a nickel-plated finish and in Titus TeraBlack, a black, matte, non-reflective finish.

Tekform Slimline Tacto, on the other hand, is a metal drawer with thin walls, equipped with a push-to-open opening system that guarantees effortless opening of the drawers without a handle but at the same time offers reliable soft closing. The Tacto mechanism follows the ‘One-for-All’ principle, which means that a single product can be applied for the push-to-open function to a whole range of metal and glass drawers at least 400mm long and with a load capacity of up to 40kg.

It is important today to make the right choices in the production of the kitchens of the future, where the use of highly functional Titus hardware –engineered for purpose – can really make a difference.


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