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Tubo of [LND] Lighting lights up a hotel in Ukraine

10 July 2021

The new lighting of the facade of Potocki Boutique Hotel in Khmelnytskyi


[LND] Lighting, an established company in the outdoor lighting sector, was founded in 1987 and is based in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, Italy. Always committed to offering lighting fixtures that combine performance and design, [LND] is one of the most competitive brands in the field. Constantly updated, the [LND] catalog contains Tubo: the product whose modern linearity meets maximum efficiency and innovation. In fact, Tubo has been implemented to renew the lighting of the external facade of Potocki Boutique Hotel in Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine).

The output of the project enhances the beauty of the building during the night. Tubo, a line of light: the product was chosen for its distinctive essential features and ease of installation. Creating almost geometric light patterns but with a small body, for Potocki Boutique Hotel Tubo is the perfect accessory that enhances the architectural structure thanks to its 180° light beam. The source has an LED power ranging from 10W (for the 59 cm version) or 20W (for the 109 cm version), while the metal components are made of ENAW6060 aluminum with a finish similar to anodized stainless steel.

For this project, Tubo was also chosen for its high degree of protection IP67, perfect to withstand the typical characteristics of the outdoor scenario. Tubo, like all the products in the range, stems from the brand’s desire to play on the construction of optical and geometric effects. However, it goes beyond design: the light technology [LND] is intelligent and can be programmed. The light, therefore, completes the lighting work with a smart touch that allows you to create different lighting scenarios depending on the time of day or season. The exterior facade of the boutique hotel, in this way, enjoys the right light at any time. Precise yet sinuous aesthetics, efficient performance and, finally, ease of maintenance. All luminaires of the range [LND] are developed by applying specific treatments of anti-oxidation directly in-house, a process that amortizes maintenance. The high resistance to atmospheric agents and traumas due to weather and external conditions makes Tubo suitable for many design needs.

Tubo is the perfect edgy touch in the [LND] catalog: ideal in outdoor lighting projects, discreet but performing, it is one of the top of the range. Creator of solutions for outdoor aesthetics, the company studies, designs and produces lighting solutions and projects by putting the quality of every single detail first.



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