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ULIVO, by TABU, made with valuable and natural dyed veneers of many wood species

19 September 2023

TABU news at the Salone del Mobile 2023


Inspired by the centuries-old olive trees of the Gargano, in the warm and sunny summer days, and the large and thick foliage that inebriates the view of a thousand and a thousand reflections… It is from this memory that the idea of the “Ulivo” marquetry by TABU was born. Starting from the study of the shape of the olive leaf and its twigs, reworked through a process of geometrization and synthesis of the forms themselves, both arrive at a fantasy based on elongated hexagons arranged in herringbone.

For this project, 4 natural veneers are used, dyed in shades ranging from green to beige. A second color variant uses brown and beige shades.

Design: Giovanni di Mauro, Accademia di Brera, Winner of the Contest IDEASxWOOD 22/23, Student Category.

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