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V-TAC Italia: the trusted supplier for LED technology

23 November 2022

Choosing V-TAC Italia means finding a supplier able to guarantee quality and reliability, the first in Italy to offer its customers the exclusivity of the V-TAC brand, aiming for the excellence of the products in the catalog


V-TAC – a trusted LED supplier in Europe with offices in Bulgaria (Sofia), Great Britain (London), UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), and Austria (Vienna), Italy (Milano). V-ТАС is a registered trademark, created and developed based on the idea of LED lighting in order to achieve the best quality; reliability and durability are the characteristics that most distinguish the V-TAC LEDs and all the V-TAC lighting.

V-TAC has been present in the lighting market since 2010, with a network of distributors all over the world. Its core business is LED lighting in all its aspects, from light bulbs to lighting fixtures. To meet the need to reduce both electricity consumption and polluting emissions, the group studies and analyzes the market and the main trends in the LED lighting sector, guaranteeing a competitive and always avant-garde offer with the V-TAC brand.

Local partners and distributors receive continuous updates, reserved monthly price lists, catalogs, exhibitors and advertising / promotional material, as well as pre and post-sales support. Choosing V-TAC Italia does not just mean choosing the perfect lighting for your business or home, it means choosing dedicated assistance, no shipping costs, the best prices on the market, always updated V-TAC price lists and catalogs and solutions always innovative.


Quality standards and international certifications

The companies which produce V-ТАС products follow the quality standards and are certified under CE/EMC, ROHS, DEKRA, GS, TUV, ROHS by accredited laboratories, which guarantees the highest quality of LED and the components used to provide the best final product. All V-ТАС products shall be produced after thorough feasibility and practicality studies, with the main purpose of energy saving and environmental preservation.

With the increasing awareness of LED technology on a global scale, V-ТАС is striving to be among the leaders in the development and dissemination of this technology and offer the most updated in its product list. Fast shipping and dedicated discounts for its customers make V-TAC Italia the winning choice for those who want to have the highest quality products to be used in every project.


Samsung LED chips and components with a warranty period of 5-years

V TAC PRO introduced a change of the product range with products which have been manufactured with Samsung LED chips. This product series allow the optimization of energy performances, an increase in the durability of products and the improvement of lighting and are offered with a warranty period of 5-years. All features possible thanks to the new V-TAC PRO line by Samsung, the V-TAC LED bulbs that integrate the new high-performance Samsung chip. The V-TAC PRO LED with the new Samsung chip is the answer to all needs for the lighting of private homes as well as industries and businesses.


The strengths of V-TAC Italia:


The logistics area

The company uses an important logistics area in constant expansion, in which more than 5,000 items are stocked ready for delivery, offering the widest range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, civil and industrial under the V-TAC brand.


Team of professionals

The V-TAC Italia team, young, dynamic and constantly updated on a professional level, to always offer qualified technical and commercial assistance that puts customer satisfaction at the center of the sales process.


Partnerships on the national territory: an increasingly widespread commercial network

V-TAC Italia offers the opportunity to become partners and distributors of its own commercial network, by joining its territorial network and thus selling the V-TAC brand products throughout Italy, offering the best LED products on the market.


GDO – Large Organized Distribution

V-TAC Italia is well aware of the challenges and opportunities associated with an increasingly globalized world, governed by increasingly competitive and dynamic markets and commercial dynamics. And this is the reason why it has been working for years to extend its activities to the large-scale retail trade, in order to guarantee maximum visibility to the products of the V-TAC brand, as well as a widespread presence in the sector departments of the major retail chains.


Products and exclusive distribution

V-TAC Italia exclusively distributes V-TAC products. The choice to position itself on the market as an exclusive brand company intends to guarantee a unique and dedicated service in every aspect, from the choice of products to after-sales assistance.

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