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When the product becomes design

28 March 2021

Puricelli: the collection KITCHEN & BATH


The Puricelli Group presents K&B, its collection dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom world. A collection ‘ready to go’ capable of meeting the main needs for the realization of worktops, that is to say: resistance, impermeability, anti-bacterial effect, thermo-resistance, ease of maintenance and last but not least, beauty. Esthetics and functionality merge into a unique proposal which results from the experience in the production of melamine laminates HPL and from the study of the main trends to create a number of esthetically original proposals.

The finishes and decorations which recall marbles and woods, classic materials which we can find in kitchen and bathroom worktops, have been selected by the Design Department of the Group to highlight at best the product and to meet the demands of the client. From marbles to woods up to most sought after design surfaces, the Puricelli Group has created a heterogeneous and complete collection capable of meeting any esthetic need.

The collection is available in 12 mm also full color or 0.7 mm applicable to chipboard panels or MDF. It is also possible to design different supports on request. The collection K&B is certified to be phenol free, as all the Puricelli products. Performances and beauty are the key to the success of this collection which is also realized with the technology developed by the group, A.BAC.


The technology A.BAC in the service of K&B

A.BAC is the specific solution of the Puricelli Group to the risk reduction of the contamination from contact. Its characteristics make it ideal for the realization of surfaces such as those situated in the kitchen or bathroom, very worn by daily use and seriously contaminated from the contact with food. The innovative formula of A.BAC has been designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the whole surface and to reduce the load already present on more than 99% (also against bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli).


K&B panels available on a large scale

Puricelli offers panels also in extra-large size with a dimension which can vary up to 4200×1620 mm. Despite their size, the panels appear transportable and washable with a practically zero risk of breakage. This feature makes them absolutely competitive compared to the large panels realized in marble or wood, for instance, much more delicate. Manageable and simple in the application represents a real step forward.


Compact wall K&B 

Aiming for a complete and coordinated offer, the Puricelli Group proposes the 4 mm COMPACT WALL to decorate between tops and wall units but also the walls of the kitchen and bathroom in general. An esthetic solution which, in addition to be customizable and coordinated with the rest of the furnishing, prevents leaks, offering a homogeneous surface of great scenic impact. Handy and easy to work as well as practical in the installation, Wall Panel is antibacterial and resistant to water, steam, and to the most hard-to-remove stains.  The 4 mm panel is available in all the colors of the collection ready in stock with the possibility of digital personalized options on request.



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