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With or without light: poetry and uniqueness, creativity, imagination and technology

27 September 2021

FOCA the new entry of G.LUCE collection


FOCA, the new entry of G.LUCE collection, thanks to a special meeting, the one with Greta, set designer by training, founder and soul of the creative laboratory FEM, whose acronym, borrowed from “we do”, in Milanese slang, stands for “Fare è Meglio”. A creative and eclectic designer who has, from building networks and activating collaborations, one of her main strengths punctually transmitted to her creations.

FOCA is a decorative LED lamp whose structure is made of satin plexiglass. The uniqueness of FOCA is the result of the encounter between scenography and design: an object designed and used as a stage element was then rethought and revised as an object for living environments. The common connecting these two worlds was the light element, placed inside, highlighting the silence and the poetry of the shape of the lamp. With soft and elegant curves, this lamp creates diffused lighting. Thanks to the particular inclination and to three different formats (S/M/L) it is suitable as a bedside, table and floor lamp.

G.LUCE thanks to its thirty years of experience in the lighting industry representing a niche and highly specialized operates in the lighting market, collaborating with major companies and brands in the furniture and contract sectors. The planning, design and production of its collection of lighting fixtures is the result of perfect interaction between the highest quality of the materials used, the high craftsmanship and the most up-to-date resources adopted in the production and assembly processes. Raw material and technical partnerships are functional to the G.LUCE’s production which is completely made in Italy.

G.LUCE also works for the nautical furnishing sector thanks to the fact that with its flexibility and technology it is perfectly able to create and create unique pieces and customized models. Thanks to this combination, FOCA as a pure and simple prototype from the Fuori Salone has gone on to be a lighting fixture ready to be exhibited during the major international fairs such as the HOST in Milan or Maison Object in Paris. FOCA is a lamp suited to CONTRACT, a product and a design on- going project, conceived to intrigue and to be opened to multiple degrees of customization. Two versions are already available today integrated by a third project. All with PMMA finishes whose dimensions are LWH: Ø 200, 300, 400mm.

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