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XPURA, the UVC LED water-sanitizer for campers

22 October 2023

Officially presented by X-Light Group at the Salone del Camper in Parma, XPURA is the new patented UVC LED system for camper water sanitization


How is camper water sanitized?

UVC LEDs to sanitize the water coming out from camper tanks. The system uses a RED-brand LED module designed and built at the Universal Science production plant in Pregnana Milanese (Milan, Italy). It consists of 2 UVA LEDs and 2 UVC LEDs, whose action allows the destruction of organic and inorganic molecules, viruses and bacteria without using chemical products.


Why choose XPURA?

Here are some advantages of using the XPURA camper LED system:

  • Exclusion of any additional chemicals
  • No need for maintenance
  • Whole sterilization of the water
  • Significant energy saving


XPURA is an X-Light Group product

UVC LED system designed, produced, and launched by X-Light Group. A strategic partnership between Universal Science Srl and X-Light Illuminazione Srl started for the food lighting sector and further extended, as in this case, to further application fields of LED technology. Universal Science’s expertise includes all research and technological development activities relating to optics, electronics and LED components. On the other hand, X-Light provides experience in customer follow-up, understanding their need and customizing requests, and in producing lighting fixtures.

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