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Young designers and Bronzetto: an “illuminating” combination

15 June 2022

The Florentine company is the ideal partner for any kind of special project


It’s been a while since when young designers and architects became the spokesmen of the craftmanship know-how, understanding that creativity and how-to-do things knowledge are a winning combination able to capture the client’s ego, enchanted by the idea of having a unique bespoke craftmanship manufact with an exclusive design. Bronzetto is the ideal partner for any kind of special project, from more than 6 meters long huge chandeliers made for the sumptuous residences of the Arab Emirates to small corrections of colours, sizes and brass finishes for simple objects, able to transform them into one of a kind.

Bronzetto’s manager, Simone Calcinai, 1973, born and raised in the workshop, understood the importance of pairing young designers since 2014 when he decided to upgrade the company catalogues and create with them more contemporary collections and lines from which are born the Brass Brother & Co. and the Eclectic. Bronzetto’s workshop has always been open to clients’ requests and together with the technique staff creates new projects, shares new ideas and invents new prototypes, taking some old items from the storage and modifying them or using the ones that the historic struggling companies are throwing away.

In this awesome of comparing, and thanks to the word-of-mouth, the meeting of Caravanilla’s owners, Valentina and Cristina, has happened: two “Ferraresi doc”, two friends, an architect and a surveyor, that decided to put together their passion for the welcoming, art and design in a hospitality project to offer an authentic experience in places they have in their hearts: Ferrara, San Pasquale, Sardinia, Florence and Cortina d’Ampezzo, six jewels on the Italian territory. Among the Caravanilla structures, the Florentine one is a delightful apartment in the “Oltrarno” district that faces the beautiful Piazza Pitti, one of the most fascinating and majestic squares in the historic city. In its restyling, in collaboration with Bronzetto’s friend, architect Leonardo Zorzet who acted as a link, every detail and element has been excellently created by local young artisans so it was possible to give the project a unique imprint.

Furniture and illumination have been selected from the Brass Brothers & Co., Timeless and also from the Eclectic collection to create a mix of contemporary and classic styles. Brass cages, declined in the Cage chandelier and in the comfortable pouffes, share the living room’s space with the classic picture lights that cut out relax area together with the reading ones, giving space to the Wormhole spotlights that seem to dance on the hall ceiling radiating lights beams everywhere. Also, the choice of the Fauna table lamp, a luxury casting brass that recreates an ibis with real pink feathers lampshade, reflects the fil rouge which connects the style of all Caravanilla apartments. A style fusing cultures, traditions, and element that are very different from each other but that together are able to create an unexpected and stunning mix.



Francesca Pagliai


Studio Zorzet

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