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2023 Masiero Table lamps

29 November 2023

Three table lamps, three different designers, three different styles


Few things in the home can influence mood more than lighting. To feel cosy, improve concentration or as an energy levels booster. Three table lamps, three different designers, three different styles: Masiero‘s 2023 novelties offer discreet and elegant lighting, each with its own specific character and style. They all belong to the Dimore Collection, which stands out for its contemporary design.

Ebe by Nicola Gallizia is a jewel lamp inspired by the myth of Hebe, goddess of youth and symbol of freshness and contemporaneity, and represents the synthesis between light and sinuous shapes and the selection of noble materials. Hard stones and brass wire mesh interact with each other to create luminous geometries of an austere, timeless beauty. From the weave of the rich brass wire mesh lampshades, the LED light filters gently and illuminates the room with softness and magic. The base in natural Onyx, an ancient and precious stone used in antiquity to make jewellery, makes the base of the lamps in the collection ethereal. The particular effect of transparency combined with the unique glare of the stone recall the reflections of moonlight, perfect to embellish a bedroom or a reading corner in the living room.

Visio by Nava + Arosio Studio is a tribute to the iconographic apparatus of surrealism. A LED lamp with a very unusual shape, created by bending the chocolate-coloured glossy painted metal tube to generate a large eye bringing the spherical diffuser in white opaline Murano triplex glass. To intrigue and surprise between mysticism and geometry.

Tee, by Valerio Cometti+V12Design, on the other hand, is the result of the search for the meeting point between geometric rigour and class, aesthetically marked by the curved line, extremely flexible and modular in its configurations, so that it can meet the lighting needs of any architectural space.

In addition to the three 2023 novelties, Masiero has other must-have, cult lamps in its collection, such as Horo by Pierre Gonalons or Iglù and Honicé by Oriano Favaretto, Posy by Sara Moroni, Sound by Giovanni Battista Gianola, examples of deliberately transversal and eclectic style, from contemporary to neoclassical to classic, to meet the need to illuminate different kinds of spaces.


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