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A fine example of custom lighting

20 February 2023

Catellani & Smith for Tenuta Soave Pieropan


The long-established Pieropan winery is located in the heart of the vineyards of Soave (Verona), a land that boasts a lengthy tradition in the production of world-renowned wines. Designed in 2015 by the architect Moreno Zurlo, Tenuta Soave, the property of the Pieropan family, blends seamlessly with the landscape: the construction is set entirely into the hillside, with the exception of the façade in solid Vicenza stone.

The property was conceived not only as a place to produce, mature and age the wine, but also as a location to visit and explore and a venue for events. The building is surrounded by vineyards belonging to the family – some of them entirely experimental – created with sharing knowledge and experiences in mind. The workspaces inside are designed to perfectly accommodate the processes undergone by the raw materials, and embellished with elements able to stir the emotions and engage the observer.

The decorative lighting project by Catellani & Smith has brought a fresh allure to the barrique room and the tasting suite of Tenuta Soave Pieropan.

The most enchanting area of the winery is the barrel cellar. As you enter, two tidily arranged rows of barrels carry the eye rapidly towards the back of the room, embellished with a custom “Luna Piena” lamp model with a diameter of 240 cm and covered in gold-coloured leaf. The ceiling lighting has also been conceived specifically to highlight the perspective effect in the barrique room, with the installation of a series of custom ceiling lamps with different diameters and finishes – gold and copper – designed to create an attractive interplay of reflections and shadows. The ceiling lamps with a diameter of 80 and 120 cm are composed of a dome with jagged edges and brass rods supporting a microLED that highlights the golden and copper finishes.

In addition, one of the walls of the room is adorned with an iron element, painted, laser-cut and covered all over in gold-coloured leaf, lit from within by an LED light and featuring the words “Il futuro ha un cuore antico” (the future has an ancient heart). This is the motto of the Pieropan family, who see Tenuta Soave as “a striking new element in keeping with tradition”. Installed in the tasting suite are the ceiling models Lederam C180, with a white shade and custom brass-coloured painted disc: the LED module encased within the disc at the bottom directs the light towards the disc at the top, which reflects and spreads it throughout the room, while creating a halo of light on the ceiling. The lighting project is completed with numerous Lederam F2 floor lamps, with a height of around 200 cm and composed of two metal rods, each one supporting a swivelling aluminium disc covered with gold-coloured leaf.


Catellani & Smith

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