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A indoor ceiling-mounted fixture for new design demands

3 December 2021

After the success of the wall-mounted version of Intono, L&L Luce&Light is extending the family with a new ceiling-mounted lamp for indoor applications, the Intono C


Perfectly satisfying the requirements for corridors and passageways in private homes, and hospitality and museum settings, Intono C is available in three versions with different dimensions and features (2.3, 3.3, 3.8) and has the same innovative attributes as the original Intono (a smart device that’s enabled for sound and can blend in). The neutral, adhering surface of the primer coating means the ceiling-mounted fixture can be painted in the same finish as the ceiling, so that only the light beam is seen. The device can also transmit any kind of sound or music: its body, made up of two gracefully curved cylinders, can house a speaker that will play Spotify or Amazon Music playlists. In addition, it is compatible with current smart speakers, so the fixture can communicate with Google Home or Amazon Echo to control home automation systems and lighting scenes with quick voice commands.

The understatedly elegant, clean lines of the new L&L Luce&Light fixture, with its IP40 die-cast aluminium body, are available in four standard finishes: white, black, antique bronze and primer – you can also request a custom RAL finish. The optical system is recessed to avoid glare and protected by a screen in high-transmittance, transparent, tempered extra-clear glass with a black-serigraphed ring. The devices have a power LED or COB light source, depending on the version, with wattages ranging from 9W to 20W and a 230Vac / 24Vdc power supply, a colour rendering index of between CRI 80 and CRI >90, to allow the colours to shine, and colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.

The optics deserve a paragraph to themselves: each size of Intono C corresponds to precise light beam apertures, conceived to satisfy every possible design requirement. Starting from a very narrow 11°, they go right up to asymmetrical optics, which produce a wall-washer effect on the walls. The narrow 11° optics, which are also available on other L&L Luce&Light fixtures such as Intono 2.2, Ginko 2.0 and Smoothy 2.4, were made available for Intono C so that light planners can use a variety of products and still be sure of producing a uniform light output. Furthermore, because of this addition to the Intono family, you can now coordinate ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures both aesthetically and technologically. An important benefit in a world where customising and coordinating the objects that occupy our living spaces is becoming increasingly popular. Intono C will soon also be available in an outdoor version.



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