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A new identity for Entity!

22 June 2022

To present the new catalogue 2022, Entity relaunches its brand identity by exploiting a play on words and symbols that embody the essence of the brand


IDENTITY 2022“, this is the naming, represented by a two-color fingerprint formed by the tracks of a printed circuit, which well introduce the positioning of the brand and its dual vocation for Electronics and LEDs. With its renewed graphic layout, the catalog reorganizes the different families of products and solutions, activating an even more effective and intuitive communication. Black is the color that represents the Electronic’s products and Blue Entity the LED representing solutions; at first glance it is evident how fundamental the capacity gains, deriving from the world of electronic design, are strategic skills to deliver a complete product range of LED solutions and hi-level electronic devices in order to integrate the latest technologies.


Electronics and LEDs, two sides of the same coin

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, not only for the fundamental issue related to energy saving, but also for the endeless design possibilities and “smart” upgrades. From the possibility of controlling each luminaire remotely or adjusting the level of light intensity and colors. Electronic controls and drivers become the device able to interface complex systems. The Entity’s research and development team, made up of professionals capable of developing hardware and firmware solutions, constantly deepen with passion and enthusiasm new technologies and components with the aim to design cutting-edge lighting solutions.

In this context, Entity is a true added value generator for supporting custumers not only in the realization and production of apparently simple projects but also for integrating complex and performing solutions, to dominate a competitive market in which a large part some innovations occur at the software level. This is the corporate plus that has led Entity to be one of the main reference points recognized at national and European level.


The catalog

A 156-pages catalog that, with a predominant part dedicated to Electronics products, ranges from 12-48V drivers specific for low voltage tracks, DC DC converters with 2cm miniaturized models to satisfy the most sophisticated designs, dimmers that exploit the most varied technologies (capacitive, IR, PIR), interfacing DALI and DMX protocols up to IoT solutions and therefore devices supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules Casambi, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Within the range there are patented products; one among all CASAMBI VOICE to enjoy a completely wireless management of your lighting devices from the Casambi App and / or voice control thanks to the Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. The LED range is completed by modules of the most varied configurations, with dynamic white versions and integration of Flip Chip or CSP LED whose design requires suitable software and machinery for the management of miniaturized components. There are so much new innovations introduced by Entity, and they are always customizable.


Turnkey solutions

Producing LEDs, for Entity, is the natural consequence of the ability to follow and satisfy the customer in complex designs, even with the integration of complex electronics. A 360 ° service offered by the company for maximum optimization and speeding up of design cycles for the introduction of new solutions and products to the market.



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