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A strengthened partnership between Universal Science and RisingSun in the market of flexible LED solutions

26 April 2023

The Milanese Italian company, which recently celebrated 15 years of activity, formalizes the strengthening of the historic partnership with RisingSun, a major Asian player in the lighting market for flexible LED solutions development, production and marketing in the EMEA market. Universal Science, therefore, confirms itself as a reference and an industrial reality capable of guaranteeing the management of development, production and marketing phases of flexible LED solutions according to the customer needs.

At the basis of this agreement is a common objective to give improved information and communication prominence to their reference market about the partnership. That consolidates a ten-year collaboration which has allowed the two entrepreneurial realities, while maintaining their independence, autonomy and construction specifications, to achieve shared objectives in the EMEA market.


The product range and production capacities of RisingSun

Founded in 2012, RisingSun is based in Shenzhen and focused on manufacturing LED strips and flexible LED solutions in general. Its broad product line includes a complete series with more than 200 flexible solutions, among which the most reliable versions use 5050 (RGB), 2835, 4014, 3014, and 2216 LEDs and with all colour temperatures available from 1800K to 10000K, to which are added the so-called “specials” (UV and IR). Various options are also available concerning IP degrees (IP20, IP54, IP65, IP67 and IP68). With the continuous development of the business, RisingSun products have also obtained CE, RoHS, SGS, UL and TÜV certificates.


The flexibility and technical know-how of Universal Science

The most remarkable strength of this collaboration has always been the great flexibility in customizing LED solutions based on customer specifications. Among the customizable options, in particular, are the colour temperature, the PCB, the type of LED, the cuts, the colours, the luminous intensity and the power per metre. The large assembly capacity of RisingSun (over 1 million meters per month) and the union of the two R&D departments allow Universal Science to provide its customers with highly reliable products in short delivery times.

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