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Abachina – the light juggler

24 June 2022

Designed by Edmondo Testaguzza, produced by Karman


Playing with our sense of perception, the two small spheres seem to be suspended in space but are actually anchored to a rectangular metal structure.

Two white, blown-glass globes of different diameters make a playful reference to an abacus, despite not mimicking the same sliding motion. They defy the rules of symmetry. One globe resting on the corner of the base, while the other sits halfway up the edge of the frame.

Contemporary LED floor and wall lanterns with an aluminium frame painted black or white. This particular design has a striking effect when placed on either side of an entrance hall during a dinner party, or in the garden. An added bonus is a small tray on the top with room for a vase, small objects, or electronic devices, complete with a handy hole for cables.

Comfortable and very glamorous, the rechargeable battery version, can be used to illuminate the evenings on terraces and outdoor spaces.


Colour: black or white

Material: painted aluminium, blown-glass spheres.

Light source: LED

Dimensions: L 22.5cm x H 70cm/103cm x D 22.5cm

Use: Indoor and outdoor

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