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Abri des skieurs

15 December 2023

Originally named “La Casetta” villa, the Chalet across from the Cervinia ski lifts was demolished and rebuilt to become the Abri des skieurs. Right from the start, there was a clear intention to demolish and rebuild the edifice, seeking to upscale its aesthetic qualities. The aim was also to generate a new architecture suited to its prominent position close to the aerial lift to Plan Maison, but above all, an energy-efficient architecture that would qualify as Class A. The leitmotif of the project was, without a doubt, a continuous search for spatial articulation by attempting to extend the building as much as possible and reharmonizing the proportions of a building that would otherwise have seemed tall and narrow, given its inherent characteristics.

The core of the configuration is the large double height living area on the ground floor, including the living room, dining area, a fireplace and piano corner.  This constitutes a first space identifiable from the outside by a very large curtain framed by two stone pilasters and surmounted by the imposing truss on the façade, and by equally large windows on the sides. This allows visitors to distinguish the glass and wooden design, resting on a stone basement and topped by the typical slate roof. Still on the ground floor, the kitchen comes to life with the possibility of going directly outside onto the summer veranda facing east, while to the west a further trilithic roof frames the entrance that beckons you in.

The residence consists of coarse larch boards left exposed, as are the floors, with the exception of the entrance hall and the kitchen, which consist of a rough stone finish brushed for functional reasons. In accordance with the customer’s wishes, the aim was to create a wooden jewel-box that at first glance conceals the fixed furniture such as cupboards, bookcases, sideboards, and from which the modern, mountain-style furnishings such as tables, chairs, sofas, desks, bedside tables and beds seem to emerge by contrast.


Bettiol Architecture

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