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Advanced Lighting Control Solutions with Dalcnet

29 April 2024

The Next Generation of Light Management Products and Technologies


The lighting industry is experiencing a golden moment. The trends for 2024 highlight a new awareness for the entire market. Digitalization will continue to be increasingly efficient with the introduction and spread of management systems based on digital platforms that allow intelligent and automated control of lights. Technology integration will be crucial with the increasing adoption of interconnected technologies and devices. The smart solutions will become increasingly popular, thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence algorithms that can dynamically adapt lighting according to environmental conditions and user preferences.

Energy savings will remain a primary focus, with the widespread adoption of low-power technologies and the implementation of more efficient energy management strategies. Sustainability will continue to drive design decisions, with an increasing focus on eco-friendly materials and lighting practices that reduce overall environmental impact. 2024 will, therefore, see a convergence of technological innovations and a constant commitment to improving efficiency and sustainability parameters in the management of lighting projects.

Dalcnet, an Italian company expert in LED control units and LED dimmers production for light management, interprets the market needs by revisiting the line of products dedicated to lighting control within professional and residential environments. Dalcnet products can interface with the most popular protocols and technologies for digital light management, such as DALI2, DMX, Casambi and Modbus. That makes Dalcnet controllers suitable for professional lighting projects within specific applications such as building automation, stage lighting, retail and electronic design.


Dalcnet 2024 news

The lighting control solutions line proposed by Dalcnet has been completely revised, with new products and features, increasingly integrated and intelligent. The new-generation Dalcnet products have introduced new hardware with new form factors equipped with terminal block covers (Mini, Slim and Line series) capable of managing from 1 to 5 output channels. The product lines with integrated DALI2 and DMX technology are improved, and the lines dedicated to analogue control and the Casambi line-up, anticipated last year, have been expanded. All product lines, analogue, DALI, DMX, and Casambi have CV and DC products, with a choice of 1/2/4/5 output channels. Dalcnet LED dimmers with integrated DALI technology are all DALI2 certified and are, therefore, able to support DT6 and DT8 profiles, completed with phase-cut and DC devices.

The DMX range has 4 and 5-channel LINE products, both in DC and CV and to complete the entire offer, integration with LumenRadio CRMX technology has been introduced. The AIR-BRIDGE-DMX transmitter/receiver, developed by Dalcnet, can transmit a whole DMX universe via Wi-Fi without interference. NFC technology has been introduced on all Dalcnet LED dimmer lines, allowing users to program devices for light control via the LightApp mobile app. With the App it is possible to set different parameters based on the product to configure, starting from the simplest, such as the minimum and max brightness level, static and dynamic scenes, and behaviour of the local buttons connected to the devices. To then get to the more complex parameters of the DALI or DMX system, such as Power-on level, groups and scenes, system failure level, DALI and DMX addressing, operating times and DMX personality.

The Casambi line-up, presented last year, has also been improved by adding to the dimmer selection several gateways that are easy to install in multiple applications with the need to integrate a Bluetooth control system such as Casambi with lamps or other parts that communicate in DMX or DALI.

The latest and most attractive news is the introduction of MICRO-1CV, the world’s most compact push-button control unit.


Casambi Academy and Commissioning Competence Certification

Dalcnet, together with Digimax, is a Casambi Commissioning partner after obtaining the 4C certification issued by Casambi: not a simple training course but an official recognition after having undergone and passed over 6 months in the programming of Casambi projects. The Commissioning Partner exam is highly selective. It takes a 2-day assessment at Casambi’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland, where the ability to create and commission several Casambi networks is determined. This path represents the highest recognition by Casambi and certifies the Dalcnet and Digimax team among the best experts in professional lighting. Thanks to this partnership, it will be possible to participate in specific courses on Casambi technology, thus developing specialized knowledge and know-how.


Applications & Markets

Digitalization within physical stores has ensured the development of increasingly intelligent solutions among stores, including lighting, with smart integrations through technologies such as Casambi and Protopixel. The creation and setting of engaging and immersive scenarios are a must-have not only for boutiques, events and temporary shops but also inside shopping malls and retail. Consumption management is also an increasingly critical success factor: energy certifications such as the EcoDesign standard are a central theme in lighting solutions, and their importance has been sharply growing.

Connected retail, sustainability, smart stores, and energy management are central topics in developing the new Dalcnet control products. The latest generation of LED control units has been developed based on those needs.

Technology transforms lighting project management, while innovative solutions can improve efficiency and sustainability.

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