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Dali controlled dimmer with 0-100% phase cut output

29 January 2021

The monochannel dimmer from IoT-Light allows total brightness control, even at the lowest loads, thanks to MOSFET technology


The phase cut DALI dimmer from IoT-Light is a small piece of pure technology that offers considerable advantages to the hospitality industry and many others. In international markets that require lights with traditional Edison screws (E14/E27) or wall lights to be controlled via DALI bus protocol, the 2AMDI585TDS dimmer means that no additional cabling is needed between the system and the light to make it dimmable: it works on the two AC wires.

Designed with the latest technology for “cutting the phase” – in a market that offers few products with a DALI control input and phase cut output – IoT-Light’s product brilliantly outshines alternative products with TRIAC or IGBT phase control, enabling perfect dimming even for loads below 1W.


Applications in building automation

By using the phase cut DALI dimmer with a DALI master controller, it’s possible to manage the lighting of an entire building through the DALI bus protocol. This type of use is common in building automation to control single lights or groups of lights, as it allows a large number of elements to be controlled on one power line, managing them in groups and in separate settings. The DALI dimmer is an extremely flexible solution that enables lighting control to be easily adapted to new uses and configurations of rooms within a building or hotel, simply using software: lights can easily be assigned or regrouped without the need for recabling after installation.

In this context, the phase cut DALI dimmer from IoT-Light is often used in settings with centralised lighting control, such as hotels and large tourist attractions. It’s possible to manage phase cut dimmable 80-230 Vac lights with extreme precision, from 0 to 100%, something that’s difficult to achieve with other solutions available on the market.


Advantages of the 2AMDI585TDS dimmer

Unlike other products that use obsolete electronic technology to “cut the phase” – such as TRIAC or IGBT – the IoT-Light model uses the more up-to-date MOSFET phase cut dimmer controller. Mosfet technology enables dimming even on loads of less than 1W, achieving very low levels of dimming. This allows targeted control of individual LED lightbulbs, something that’s difficult to achieve with other models, which require higher-load wattages.

The IoT-Light model, on the other hand, allows perfect control of the brightness of a setting, even with low power. Although there are very few products with comparable features on the market, the IoT-Light AMDI585TDS dimmer is available at a very competitive price, making this a very appealing solution from every point of view.



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