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MyWay Relco Bluetooth 5.0, a truly independent and autonomous system

24 January 2021

Under the name MyWay, Relco wants to tackle a new challenge and trace an unprecedented path in the control and command of any kind of light source.

The dream of Moschini and Pievani, both managers at Relco, was to create an autonomous management system, with no the need of integrated systems and bypass to other technologies, not only linked to the DALI language but also that could use a simple dimmer. From the beginning, the primary goal was to give the final user the autonomy of managing the whole system. Relco Bluetooth App, the free control unit available for Android or IOS, allows to immediately configure the scenarios the user intends to experience, even before having thought of them, from soft light to following the 24 hours circadian cycle, up to the complete management of timetables.


The App is the finger controlling with a simple click

The Bluetooth Dimmer DIMBTDA in its 0-10V versions can be used for any light adjustable source or for DALI systems Everyone can easily install it where needed, by the lamp, in the control spot, or in a 503 box, to transform any push button into a dimmer.

But the DIMBTDA Bluetooth dimmer is beyond software, it is even master and slave. Instead, the HBTDA sensor is a movement- and dusk- sensor with integrated dimmer. A light and presence sensor, circadian cycle and time programmer, master and slave software. It is the brain that overcomes the barriers often imposed by programmers and experts. For more complex products in the tertiary buildings, the same technology is integrated into the new RN9168/BT LED driver. It is a settable multipower driver Bluetooth 5.0.

Relco is working on another dream: to be able to manage the light through a control push-button console with a refined, slim and induction design to be inserted where needed. And to be Bluetooth configured, too. MyWay is therefore not only a simple home-automation console, but it is also much more: it is energy-saving, it is the possibility of remote use and it is allowing to know the status of the system.


MyWay inside range

It is the possibility of disposing of a whole production of complete lighting sources, floodlights, downlights, ceiling lights, track spotlights and LED lamps having a sophisticated design.

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