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Aesthetics and functionality: perfectly partnered in Berica

21 January 2021

L&L Luce&Light’s range of wall-mounted fixtures is extended with a new family that combines minimalist design with the practical functionality of a built-in power supply.


Berica’s combination of aesthetics and functionality makes the family of double-beam wall-mounted fixtures an ideal solution for anyone looking for a device that can discreetly blend into the wall it is installed on. And the new fixture is making the best possible entrance into the world of lighting: it is being launched on the market in the version with primer, a treatment that means its cover can be finished in the same paint – or wallpaper – as the wall it’s on.

The result is pure magic: the fixture vanishes from sight as it blends into the wall, leaving its light output to take centre stage. Available in three sizes – one a 120 mm square, the other two rectangular, with a length of either 340 mm or 620 mm – Berica offers a choice of three different styles of cover – convex, flat and concave – and four further finishes, including our new grey finish that replicates the look of anodized aluminium. An RAL finish is also available on request.

Another of the fixture’s important aesthetic features is its extremely slim body (from only 30mm), which houses the power supply unit – an ingenious solution that allows it to be installed quickly and easily. As for the light output, there are four available optics, including asymmetrical optics, a variant that can be used to light the floor and ceiling of corridors and passageways “intelligently”, with a comfortable, uniform light. The entire range uses LED light sources with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90) for better quality and a faithful reproduction of the colours in its surroundings.

Berica’s 340-mm and 620-mm rectangular model is also available in a dimmable version that uses the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol.



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