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Anchor and College: two proposals showcasing the enormous versatility of Ivars’s production

22 October 2023

Ivars offers two seats very different from each other but similar in the purpose: Anchor’s tailoring of the backrest becomes synonymous with customization and originality; College’s wide range of solutions satisfies the different tastes and needs of the customers


Ivars has released two products for 2023 that perfectly represent the company’s extensive range and flair for versatility.


Anchor: design and comfort the focal points

First of these is Anchor, the new executive chair featuring bold lines, where superior design and comfort are the focal points. The chair features refined, sophisticated styling – the result of meticulous research. Aimed at a directorial target market, Anchor is the result of a very well-defined project, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also and in particular in terms of its structure. As a superior-quality product, the design was developed to be both unique and highly distinctive.

The chair takes the inspiration for its design from the classic shape of an anchor: 3 lines start from the central back bar and then branch out to create its eye-catching shape. Structurally, the backrest was created using a manufacturing technique that employs injected polyurethane foam. The Pasha seat panel used on this chair is crafted using the same technique, allowing a very precise and original shape to be achieved. The result is a more eye-catching, unique style. The aluminium used in Anchor’s back bar and armrests lends the seat that extra air of robustness and directorial refinement.

The armrests feature a slender, tapered shape, and have been specifically designed for this model. They can be mounted with the tip facing forwards or backwards. Anchor is available in a high version with integrated headrest for executive settings, and low version for multipurpose, guest, home and meeting room environments. The backrest can also be upholstered in a range of different fabrics and colours to create an even more refined, distinctive, and personalised look, making this chair suitable for meeting diverse needs. Anchor offers a series of bespoke solutions, making it perfect for those seeking a unique, refined product.


College: the iconic body becomes a stool and enriches the wide range of the IVARS offer

The second project launched by Ivars is the College stool. The iconic shell that characterises Ivars’s product offering is further expanded with multiple versions of a stool intended for Contract environments: it’s available with a 4-legs wooden barstool frame in a 750 mm height, making it the perfect complement for high tables and bar counters, or in a 650 mm height designed to provide a splash of style to even the most traditional of domestic settings.

For more modern, minimalist home environments, the stool is available with a gas lift, chromed base and footrest, while for Work environments, College can be provided with a footrest, swivel base in black nylon and metal frame. The plastic seat shell is hugely versatile, and available in a large selection of new colours which have been selected mainly with Contract settings in mind: 8 different shades capable of meeting the most sophisticated of furnishing needs. The finish is enhanced by a photo-engraving detail on the edging – an innovative process which emphasises its profile. The plastic can also be upholstered to provide extra personalisation and an additional touch of originality. One optional extra is the upholstery seat panel, which is already featured on the high version.

Once again Ivars proves diversification is its strength, and demonstrates its capacity to achieve this across every market segment.


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