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Andromeda: the new series of ‘linear’ lenses for tunable white applications

10 April 2024

Specifically designed by Khatod for offices and architectural applications with low UGR


Following its successful debut at Light + Building, Andromeda by Khatod emerges as the latest innovation in linear optics, specifically tailored for Tunable White lighting and architectural applications, boasting a low Unified Glare Rating (UGR). Designed to cater to the discerning needs of modern work environments, it has garnered significant interest for its unparalleled design and functionality.

By integrating Tunable White lighting into architectural projects, designers can transform static spaces into dynamic, multi-functional areas that cater to various activities and moods. Crafted with precision engineering and optimized for superior performance with Mid Power LEDs, Andromeda lenses redefine lighting solutions for offices and architectural settings alike. With a low UGR rating even at high luminous fluxes of 4,000 lm/m, these lenses elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of spaces, enriching the visual experience for occupants.

These optics are available in two Beam Angle Types: Wide and Extra Wide, offering versatility in lighting design to meet diverse project requirements. Made of optical grade PMMA, these lenses combine durability with exceptional light transmission properties, ensuring consistent and uniform illumination across surfaces.

With dimensions of 279.50mm x 21.00mm side x 14.32mm (height), Andromeda lenses are designed to seamlessly integrate into various luminaire configurations. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C, these optics demonstrate reliability and longevity in challenging environments. For added convenience, it is possible to request the full luminaire assembled. With Andromeda, lighting design transcends conventional boundaries, setting new standards for performance, aesthetics, and user experience in office and architectural applications.



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