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Bronzetto & Cecchi de Rossi

17 May 2024

Armor Lamps, luminous objects that are as functional as they are harmonious


The “Armor Lamps” represent a luminous work of art, the result of the craftsmanship and innovative design that have created a product that is as functional as it is aesthetically extraordinary. A floor lamp and a table lamp in brass and genuine leather, transforming into a coffee table or a decorative design object and, finally, a small battery-powered travel gem.

The upper leather shell, moulded to the shape, houses an LED light source that emanates a warm and enveloping light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The lower shell, also in leather and adjustable in height, allows the user to personalize lighting following his needs by narrowing the light cone for a more concentrated brightness or widening it to transform it into a luminous support surface. With this versatility, the “Armor Lamps” give flexibility to the space and provide different possibilities of use. Powered by rechargeable batteries, they are easily movable, grabbing them by their brass handle and becoming a personal illuminating body, almost like a fashion accessory to wear that follows us wherever we go, adapting to our mood or time of day.

A further peculiarity that makes them exceptionally original is the used leather subjected to a vegetable tanning process and dyed with the customizable “PELLEVINO” natural colours. The dyes are often obtained from agricultural products, spices and wine, grown specifically for this use. This method preserves the natural beauty and durability of the skin. The brass is specifically maintained naturally to obtain a patina that maintains and distinguishes it over time.

The “Armor Lamps” are the result of the unique collaboration between two prestigious companies: Il Bronzetto, experts in the art of brass, and Cecchi de Rossi, a fashion brand specializing in the creation of bags and accessories. What makes these two realities unite? Passion for materials and aspiration to play and experiment by getting out of the comfort zone and giving life to unusual creations – a bit crazy, a bit artistic – which capture the creativity and desire of those who appreciate art, luxury and versatility. “Armor” is an exclusive capsule reserved for true ‘connoisseurs’ and ‘amateurs’, looking for unique, unexpected, multisensory and multi-material products.

Armor lamps are available in three distinct models, each with a unique style and functionality but linked by an obvious fil-rouge: exquisite craftsmanship.

  • “Armor Tree” – The floor lamp of the line features a design that resembles a brass and leather tree. Its imposing presence adds a touch of elegance to any room. The lamp illuminates the entire area and, at the same time, by widening the light cone and decreasing the lower shell, it creates a support surface, transforming the lamp into a side table if necessary. The T-handle allows the user to move the lamp from one room to another, and thanks to the fact that it is battery-powered – therefore cordless – it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • “Armor Trick” – The table lamp of the collection offers surprising versatility. It can be a centrepiece, a light point or a whiskey lamp for more intimate evenings. Its unique design adds a sophisticated touch to any table or space where it is placed using the brass T-handle this variant also has. Perfect for creating a lounge atmosphere in the garden in summer by serving coffee and bitters to your guests, serving both a soft light and a tray of delicious pampering.
  • “Armor Trippy” – The ideal travel lamp for those who are always on the move but do not want to give up high-quality and design lighting. In addition to being a portable lamp, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows the user to listen to music while enjoying the atmosphere created by the soft light. In a few words, it is the perfect companion for adventures and relaxing moments on the go.


Il Bronzetto

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