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Bronzetto’s Circus has arrived in the city

22 March 2023

A playground of lamps, furnishings, and colour plays for Circus by Bronzetto. The magic of the circus world is an inspiration source for the new Amarcord line


Like circus people, Bronzetto does not walk on straight lines and solid ground (cit. F. Caramagna). The brand sees the world hovering on trapezoids suspended in the air, maybe upside down, colours the reality that surrounds it, and plays with circles, proportions and geometric shapes, in general, to create objects that amaze and furnish. The CIRCUS by Bronzetto is the expectation and trepidation perceived just before a heavy tent opens. That pinch of magic anticipating the show taking shape: suspensions with outdated shapes seem to descend from the ceiling like the trapezoids of circus artists, the brass and coloured glass shaped into triangles and hexagons create a multiform and altered reality, they shine and confuse as in a hall of mirrors.

The new Amarcord line was designed together with Letizia Donati and Francesca Schäffer. A series of furnishing accessories in which geometric purity meets the Bronzetto’s savoir-faire: a dining table whose structure recalls that of the carousel with flying seats, a revolving coffee table made with the veneer by Alpi company, which creates optical illusions in its twirling, and faceted lamps in glass and brass in a balance between ancient and contemporary. Amarcord, therefore, stages the multifaceted game of geometric construction.

Amarcord interprets the (Florentine) ancient craftsmanship technique where simple glass edged in brass elements is assembled to create polygonal lamps. 123 designers welcomed the invitation of Bronzetto to explore all creative possibilities in a contemporary style. The collection blends the rigour of Leonardo’s Euclidean solids, the kaleidoscopic world of Bronzetto’s colours and materials, and the objects composing it captures the different needs of contemporary environments.

Seven product lines offer variety, refinement, and the possibility of being customized in finishes and compositions. Customization, high-quality craftsmanship and dialogue are Bronzetto’s peculiarities that gave the designers freedom and joy to seek their inspiration in the workshop crucible. Each object of the Amarcord collection is unique as built entirely by hand. Unique and multiple. A collection of exclusive pieces united by the infinite facets of a technique coming from afar and interpreting the present.


Lamps in three lines

1) crystal: crystal 1, crystal 2, crystal 3

The three lamps evoke the femininity of the pendants presenting themselves under the strength of a mineral. Cristallo 1, Cristallo 2 and Cristallo 3 are lamps designed to live together in a group or alone. Three different shapes, proposed as a suspension, formed by the sartorial implementation of trapezoids and triangles. For each of them, a brass connecting element completes the upper part of the faceted composition, always different, in harmony, where every single crystal is a jewel.


2) cuboctahedron: 3 tubes (tube 1,2,3), pea tube

Regularly and composed in the development of the 14 alternating faces of squares and triangles, it finds its vibration in the material research of the surfaces and in the tube, always different for each one, which features the upper part. Three suspension lamps are designed for living together in a group, or alone. Each of them has the same shape and dimensions but the finishes of the polygons and tubes vary: transparent and coloured glass, alabaster, various textures and treatments for the brass.


3) beetle: coléoptère

A shell collects and returns light. It is an organism consisting of irregular faces, dresses the light, and is its armour. A small indirect light wall sconce with a white interior, while the exterior is in hammered natural brass.

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