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BTicino civil series are now all connected

2 February 2023

BTicino reinvented home control with the revolutionary Living Now series of plates four years ago, opening up new user experiences and usage scenarios. Shortly after the best-sold series in Italy, Livinglight also became smart. Now, with the new Matix version with Netatmo, a leading company in IoT solutions for the home, the entire range of the BTicino series becomes connected and can be remotely controlled via smartphones and voice assistants.

Using Matix with Netatmo, the Smart system becomes affordable for everyone, satisfying the needs of every home with simple and complete electrical system management. The BTicino “smart” systems offer many opportunities: remote control of the rolling shutters via an app, modulate the light intensity, predict entry and exit scenarios, or set priorities for the electrical sockets load, but also timely check energy consumption, keeping track of it through detailed reports, to avoid surprises on bills. The new line, made of technopolymers, offers twenty-three colours of plates, divided into five macro-groups: white, texture, metallic, galvanic and colour.

Matix with Netatmo is also suitable for installations in the service sector and commercial environments, thanks to its versatility and competitive cost. Its integration with the ducting and turret systems makes Matix a complete and flexible solution for all professional, shop and office environments. It is also available in an anti-removal version (with 4 Torx-type slotted screws) and in an antibacterial version produced with materials based on silver ions (Ag+). Specialized laboratories have verified the effectiveness of BTicino antimicrobial products.

Complete the range: USB charging sockets, extractable torches, safety lamps, hydro box housings, table sockets, retractable turrets, protruding turrets and multifunctional wall-mounted switchboards. As for the other lines are available also wireless scenario controls.

If Matix is already present at home, it is possible to transform the existing system into a Smart one while maintaining the aesthetics of the plates, with minimal wiring and no masonry interventions. It only needs to replace the traditional commands with the connected ones, adding a gateway to put them in communication with the home Wi-Fi network.

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