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C-LED is specialized in electronic applications and LED solutions

29 May 2023

Part of Cefla group it is specialized in the design and production of electronic applications and LED solutions tailored to customer needs


C-LED is addressed primarly at companies operating in the industrial sector, public lighting, growing, retail, visual merchandising, interior design, companies that produce sanitation systems or personal services. The company is also involved in the creation of systems in the field of wireless connectivity, developing beacon sensors that also find applications in the energy efficiency of both industrial and domestic environments. The solutions offered by C-LED cover every need to satisfy the technical specifications required in many sectors.

Today, in addition to energy efficiency, miniaturization, reliability and durability, special wavelengths are also required outside the visible range. The visible spectrum is the one used in LED lamps for the general lighting sector and also in architectural lighting. The UV-C are used in the field of water and surface sanitization, the length of the UV-B rays finds application in the skin care sector in the medical field and finally the UV-A are used for the purification of the air, in the beds and solar showers, in insect catching lamps and also for the polymerization of paints in the industrial field.

For the horticulture sector, where plants require dedicated wavelengths according to the family and dual to those used in civil and industrial applications, C-LED designs and produces lamps with specific spectrums according to the type of plant and cultivation. Finally, the wavelength of the IR and SWIR spectra is used in illuminators for vision systems such as, for example, sorting machines for recycled plastic and glass materials up to the seed field.



C-LED designs and produces customized LED modules based on customer needs, using all wavelengths available on the LED market today, guaranteeing technical expertise and high standards: dimensions and geometry, color temperature, color rendering, light spectrum in order to optimize performance based on actual needs. The customer service is complete, and in the production phase, the control is accurate on the quality of the modules, support in the creation of the finished lamp, automated testing and continuous scouting of LED technologies. All modules are registered on the EPREL (European product registry for energy labelling) website.



C-LED has track-compatible drivers that can be inserted easily and without connection polarity problems. The constant current drivers can be integrated with multicurrent function, dimmable with DALI protocol or with Bluetooth Mash protocol. With the same performance, they are the most compact drivers that can be found on the market and LED modules with integrated driver are also available.



C-LED has been applying UV technology in its products for years, which can be used in different fields, from horticulture to medical and industrial. Ultraviolet lamps, for example, can be used in air purification to destroy organic molecules (bad smells, formaldehyde, ethylene, etc.), or kill or inactivate viruses and bacteria, thus avoiding the use of toxic chemical products that could leave residues and which are harmful to health and the environment. Thanks to the UN Minimata Convention, which plans to replace all those light sources with low energy efficiency and containing toxic substances for the environment in the next few years, the LED will find application in the industrial processes of wood drying, skin care, body tanning, insecticide lamps used in the food production process and on public display.



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