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Cariboni Group presented “Luce in piazza” at Salone del Mobile

17 July 2023

Stand set up and design of the Spoon collection by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design


The personality of the “lamp” object 

Spoon is the name of the new urban lighting system designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia for Cariboni Group. The project stems from a lucid and severe reflection: the outdoor lamp is an object for too long relegated to a hyper-technological dimension or filled with pseudo-classicisms. In defining urban comfort, it is necessary to synchronize lighting with contemporary scenarios. For this reason, the new line of products defines urban lamps capable of communicating and reacting to changing situations, not indifferent objects, but objects integrated and coherent with the rewriting of cities.

Spoon contributes to urban design with a strong chromatic and material personality and an unprecedented project choice, particular for an outdoor system: the volumes of the bodies are developed on asymmetrical geometries. The challenge was to design a dynamic element that can be adapted to different scales, geometries and positions between the specific space and the overall environment. The design has been developed and differentiated by body size, fixing systems and luminous fluxes. From the collaboration between the studio and the company, three urban lamps of different sizes were born which can be fixed on tall and sharp vertical rods, on low cylindrical stems, on the wall or on the ceiling.

Each lighting fixture is connected to the support structure with a joint that allows continuous adjustment of the inclination for precise aiming of the light emission. The different shape ratio, the possibility of positioning it at variable heights and in different orientations, define its character and luminous “nature”. Spoon is an object that contributes to the identity of places, squares, parks, gardens, avenues. The system is designed to offer maximum comfort and maximum efficiency both for horizontal surfaces, paths and spaces, and for vertical ones, facades, installations, monuments.

It satisfies the needs at different design scales: it illuminates pedestrian areas, squares and open spaces, parks; cycle and cycle-pedestrian paths; driveways, urban and extra-urban. Numerous optical distribution options are available for each lamp for street lighting and architectural projection.

According to Alfonso Femia “the Spoon collection molds and makes the shapes that build space changeable. It talks about creativity, research and planning, combining shapes, functions and material relationships”.

Cariboni Group has integrated its Eco-Centric Lighting optical systems into this new line of products which offer the night a new balance between light and darkness, respecting the biological rhythms of flora and fauna and human needs for safety and well-being. Respect for the natural environment is a fundamental value for the company. Limiting light pollution is just one of the corporate practices that aim at sustainability. Each urban lamp in the Spoon line has been designed to last a long time and withstand even the harshest environments.

Dante Cariboni, CEO of Cariboni Group, argues that “environmental sustainability is a value that is not always quantifiable. The ecological implications of entrepreneurial activities go beyond the rationalization of resources, beyond compliance with regulations, beyond green certifications: it is a matter of kindness towards the environment and all life that inhabits it”.

This kindness takes shape in the creation of products such as Spoon: luminous solutions capable of protecting nature, improving human well-being and enhancing the identity of each place.


Cariboni Group

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