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Centro Piacentiniano – new lighting for the monuments in the heart of Bergamo

31 May 2023

With the completion of the work on the Torre dei Caduti war memorial, Telmotor has concluded its revamping of the Bergamo city centre lighting system


On the occasion of Bergamo e Brescia Capitale della Cultura 2023 – the twin cities being named Italian capital of culture for this year – the entire centre of Bergamo has received a new look: a redesign of the paving and flower beds between Piazza Matteotti and the Sentierone, reorganisation of the former Albergo Diurno hotel and Piazza Dante, and the introduction of a new lighting system, designed to highlight and bring out the best in the monuments of the Centro Piacentiniano, the historical symbol and nerve centre of the city.

For the lighting design project, the Municipality of Bergamo turned to Telmotor – a major industrial player which offers highly specialised solutions for the lighting, industrial automation and energy sectors, a provider of integrated consultancy for industry, infrastructure and the service sector. The goal of the project developed by the company alongside CN10 architetti, an architectural practice from the province of Bergamo which handles architectural design, and protection and redevelopment of architectural heritage, was to extend a homogeneous lighting system to all monuments and public buildings present in the redevelopment zones.

As Alessandro Vaglietti, Head of Energy&Lighting Solutions at Telmotor, explains:The concept behind the municipal administration’s wishes and our work was to unify the lighting, freeing up the buildings and the monuments from invasive lighting components, and concentrating the light sources in a few points to highlight the monuments and the architecture, like in the case of Torre dei Caduti. In our work, we focused on achieving the highest levels of functionality, aesthetics and usability of the spaces and monuments at night, and integrating the different areas of the centre with a lighting pathway with reduced energy consumption.”

For the Torre dei Caduti memorial tower, the last of the interventions, the choice was made to use Lumenpulse lighting solutions, which allow for effective positioning and pointing thanks to their double joint. Installed on 12-metre poles, equipped with precision lenses and beam angles of between 4° and 6°, they allow specific architectural sections of Bergamo’s symbolic monument to be highlighted. All the spotlights guarantee an RA 90+ colour rendering index and colour stability. The integrated management system allows for programming and regulation of the luminous flux, also responding to the requirement to reduce power consumption.

For Piazza Donizetti and the new walkways of the Sentierone, EWO luminaires were installed: the fundamental element of the modular technology chosen are LED units which allow the creation of sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for the control and distribution of the light. The project in Piazza Dante, completed in December 2022, also allowed for the restoration of the artistic lighting system.

The URBIDERMIS ARNE luminaires, with cutting-edge lenses designed specifically for LEDs, are non-invasive and perfectly integrated into the architectural context. They have been installed on twelve-metre tall poles and positioned to guarantee correct overall lighting and illumination of specific points of interest: Palazzo Frizzoni, Teatro Donizetti, Palazzo di Giustizia, Palazzo del comune, Chiesa dei Santi, Monumento Donizetti. The integrated lighting system allows for simple programming and regulation of the intensity on the basis of specific requirements.

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