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Chorusmart: Intelligent Solutions for the domestic and tertiary environment

23 January 2023

GEWISS presents a new range of connected and versatile solutions, and systems designed to make every plant automation function simple


ChoruSmart is the innovative GEWISS ecosystem that offers a complete range of functional and aesthetic solutions for every installation need, from residential to small and medium-sized services. It allows you to choose between different technologies (traditional, wireless and bus) that offer the user significant benefits in terms of well-being, safety, energy saving and sustainability, as well as guaranteeing a high degree of customization. ChoruSmart allows creating – in a complete and scalable way – traditional systems of Connected Smart Home or Home & Building Pro, using the best available technologies and completing them with a wide range of shapes, colours and finishes of the devices and plates offered by GEWISS.

Traditional system – The ChoruSmart proposal dedicated to traditional systems consists of aesthetic and technological solutions, both simple and advanced, in any building. It offers innovative control points such as the axial EVO versions and the touch variants, which allow the user to easily centralize lights and shutters in addition to the traditional tilting and soft-click controls.

Connected Smart Home – ChoruSmart is enriched with connected devices and creates a range of smart, comfortable, wireless solutions. The EGO Smart plates, distinctive elements of the entire ecosystem, offer a unique and customizable interface to control safety, comfort and domestic consumption. Besides the integration with most available Smart Speakers and IoT platforms, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, the standard Zigbee protocol – the Home Gateway APP – allows the user to have the management of lights by fingertips or voice, so as rolling shutters and scenarios, the verification of consumption and the detection of critical situations. The battery-free and wireless controls also allow you to add other control points freely and at any time.

Home & Building Pro – It is possible to create an advanced and extended residential or small/medium tertiary system, completing the ChoruSmart offer with bus wiring based on the KNX international standard protocol. The user will dispose of an intelligent and customizable system complete with all functions, which integrates with third-party devices and systems (video door entry system, smart lock, entertainment) controllable via an app, voice assistants or touch panels.


Advanced devices for every need

ChoruSmart represents an innovation in home and building management, with versatile solutions to satisfy every need. Among the most relevant:

  • EVO Axial Controls. Axial drive control family for the management of lighting fixtures and electric motors. It offers the centralization of lights and shutters commands, including turning off all lights and shutters closing by just one command and no need of App or cloud connection.
  • EGO Smart plates. The perfect example of integration between design and technology. The EGO Smart cover plates are featured by the integrated graphic display – invisible when plate is off – which displays animated icons and scrolling text messages by the perimeter lighting system with coloured LED light and by the proximity sensor.
  • ECO control panel. Thanks to the four front buttons, the interface can send wireless commands with no need for wire connections, power supply or batteries. It can be mounted on any surface, wall or recessed, or placed on a surface (table, bedside table) as if it were a remote control. It manages up to four control points, configurable to operate individually or in pairs (for dimmer and shutter control). It is self-powered by exploiting the energy generated by pressing the keys.


The house in one hand: Home Gateway app and Smart Gateway app

The Home Gateway and Smart Gateway Apps for smartphones and tablets allow the user to quickly and intuitively manage the entire ChoruSmart system.

The Home Gateway App allows the control of the Connected Smart Home system from its configuration to full use. The user can monitor the whole house at a glance thanks to modern and streamlined graphics, access to each function with a maximum of two touches on the display to access any command and the sliding Home Page.

The Smart Gateway App allows the definition and execution of complex scenarios for the Home & Building PRO system; time scheduling (eg. garden irrigation), historical consumption analysis, logic and alarm notifications or system anomalies directly displayed on the smartphone or communicated by e-mail.

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