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Creating spaces to brace the sense of community: an urban-hotel experience

17 September 2021

Winner of two Gala Awards in the USA, 1800 Oak is a renovation project enhanced by Laminam finishes


Creating spaces to strengthen the sense of community by reproducing an urban-hotel experience which sets the building apart from the rest. These were the aims of architecture firm Hartman Design Group for a renovation project of the common areas of a multi-family building in Virginia, USA. Laminam contributed to its completion by covering walls in some of the areas concerned with its marble-inspired finishes, chosen for their aesthetic charm, their superior performance compared to natural materials (such as reduced weight and greater ease of application), and the immediate availability of the product.

The 1800 Oak renovation project by architecture firm Hartman Design Group carried out in Virginia, USA, is the winner of two 2020 Gala Awards. It took the top spot for both Design and Architecture of a Multi-Family Renovation and for Interior Merchandising of a Multi-Family Renovation Amenities Space. Laminam contributed to this outstanding result by providing finishes to enhance several of the vertical surfaces and a seat in the large entrance hall which greets both residents and visitors. Hartman Design Group opted for Laminam I Naturali – Calacatta Oro Venato surfaces to cover a visually stunning double-height interior wall next to the entrance, the rear walls of reception, thus bringing a look of great formal refinement and elegance to the area, a door – for a ‘total look’ version of the Laminam Effect approach – fitted within the same walls that define it, the walls of the lift lobby, and lastly, a custom cantilever bench.

Conceptually, the design makes use of wood materials which echo the “oak theme”, referencing the name of the road on which the building stands. This design approach also gave rise to the entrance door detailing, the live edge dropped ceilings and the wood bark veneer integrated throughout the interiors. Organic materials and colours evoking nature and the earth are juxtaposed with rich jewel tones to create a casual yet elegant setting. The characteristics, quality standards, performance and versatility of Laminam surfaces, sustainably produced and intrinsically antibacterial, are superior to those of the natural materials that inspired them, greatly exceeding their limitations of application and performance. Creating surfaces which bring together tradition and modernity, art and technology, Laminam offers bold new design solutions to architects, interior designers and clients, giving substance, form and elegance to the world of tomorrow.



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