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Cumeja Beach Club & Hotel

26 October 2021

A project where water is the protagonist of the space, while EGOLUCE lighting accompanies the guest


The SPA project at the Cumeja Beach Club & Hotel in Cellole, Caserta – Italy, curated by the company officinadiarchitettura&design in collaboration with Tecnoambiente srl, chooses for the lighting the spotlights IP67 Zeppelin 25 Plus produced by EGOLUCE.

In this project, water is the absolute protagonist of the space, while the light is the element that accompanies the guest. For this location made of water, stone and sand (resin-concrete is nothing more than “steady sand“), the ground recessed light source gives shape and emphasis to the surfaces. The spotlights also give the space more intimacy. The guests are accompanied in their activities by kind of a guiding light, drawing light and shades and allowing them fully to enjoy their emotional journey.

For this delicate task, the designer chose to use ZEPPELIN 25 PLUS luminaire by Egoluce, a walkover recessed spot (IP67): safe, reliable, rich in optics and dimmable.



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