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Damiano Latini and Domus Line Collab

26 October 2022

IO Collection is a functional and aesthetically appealing bathroom furniture solution, for homes and the world of hospitality


Passion, courage, ability to look beyond conventions and focus on experience and professionalism are the ingredients of Damiano Latini‘s Collab with Domus Line.

“I hope this is just the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration,” said Damiano Latini, CEO of the company (right in the picture). “With the IO project, an innovative solution for bathroom furniture, functional and aesthetically appealing, created in collaboration with Domus Line, we are implementing a path that aims to broaden the target audience and increase brand awareness”.

The world of co-branding has experienced a strong flow of contaminations in recent years that has led more and more brands to associate their name with another brand, even in apparently very distant sectors. And the choice was made right within this perimeter. “There are many reasons why we considered it advantageous to start a collaboration based on these criteria” adds Eliano Chiesurin, CEO of Domus Line. “But basically, the collab between two brands operating within the same sector allows both to benefit one from the reputation and credibility of the other, with the result of mutually raising their status. In this way, both companies demonstrate that they know how to reinvent themselves while preserving their brand identity. The collaboration also aims to surprise the customers, bringing them into an unconventional, or at least different world from the one where the two brands usually interact.

But although unusual, Collab Damiano Latini and Domus Line is located in a universe of values already known by the customers and consistent with the brand image and experience of the respective brands. The expected result is the growth of interest in brands which, thanks to Collab, demonstrate a strong will to experiment and renew themselves, enhancing the brand essence of both parties.


IO Collection

Essential design and versatility are the key features that make IO a functional and aesthetically appealing bathroom furniture solution for homes and the world of hospitality. IO is a suspended system of containers and shelves designed to furnish even small bathrooms. Thanks to its modular structure, IO allows space optimisation while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The choice of designing suspended structures responds to the needs of those who want to preserve the bathroom coverings from processes that can modify them.

The IO structure, simple and elegant, is enhanced by the D-Motion LED lighting drawing its contours and by various accessories allowing its configuration according to the expectations of the individual installation. Available in single or double modules, IO is fixed to the ceiling to descend suspended above the sink. The vertical upright has a rear slot to house the LED strip and two side rails to hook the horizontal profiles. The horizontal bars can slide along the track and be fixed at the preferred height, thanks to an innovative coupling system. Also, shelves and other accessories can be easily fixed to the crosspieces with no screws.

IO is equipped with D-Motion sources with colour temperature selection (2700 K or 4000 K). The mirror integrates the power supply and a control system with three touch switches that activate the switching on and off of the light sources, the selection of the colour temperature and the activation of the anti-fog system. IP44 degree against water splashes protects the light sources and the mirror. Available in black, bronze and titanium finish.


Bio Damiano Latini

Damiano Latini designs and manufactures furnishing accessories and accessories for the home, office and the world of hospitality. The company was founded in 2000 as a specialised supplier of handles and accessories for the furniture industry and established itself among the main suppliers for kitchen manufacturers in Italy and abroad. Over time, the passion for design and in-depth knowledge of the sector have promoted the transformation of the company and a progressive expansion of the offer to furnishing accessories: bookcases, modular systems for the kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Damiano Latini combines aesthetics and functionality, experience and creativity to create furnishing accessories with a contemporary design, customisable and multifunctional. Versatile furnishing solutions that allow the customers to furnish the rooms satisfying their needs and following their preferences in a simple and functional way.


Bio Domus Line

Born not far from Venice, in the Italian Northeast, a territory always dedicated to industry, Domus Line has grown in the world thanks to concreteness, creativity and technological leadership. A selected commercial network distributes products and services in over 70 countries, from the Americas to Oceania, always guaranteeing expertise and assistance.

The long-term collaboration with the designers has allowed the development of solutions that integrate the best Italian creativity with functionality. Research, innovation, design, reliability, attention to safety, sustainability, ethics in the management of relationships and brand reputation are the values that distinguish the products and fully express the brand. The offer covers interior lighting solutions and collections of lighting devices dedicated to furnishing furniture.

In addition, a line of accessories includes sensors, power supplies and IoT control systems. The deep knowledge of the sector, the result of experience, continual studies and analysis activities allows Domus Line to design products by taking into serious consideration all the aspects and complexities with which it is necessary to deal, including the international conformity certifications. Each system is developed according to the piece of furniture in which it will integrate and the environment in which the latter constitutes the furniture.

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