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Daylight and its development process of compact sources with very high flux

2 April 2022

The new range of 38mm and 28mm Tubular lamps, the latest in Daylight, are bulbs that, respectively, reach 2350 lumens with E27 socket and 1250 lumens with E14 socket. These are new generation bulbs with relevant wide 360° beam. The high fluxes require dimming options as a standard feature. Presently, there are no such high-performance LED filament sources on the market in such a compact case.

With this new range, Daylight Italia sets the goal and ambition to replace the old halogen with an LED equivalence able to reach the 145W and a very high energy class up to the C.

The white version obtained thanks to a delicate and precise satin finish is designed to illuminate mainly transparent glasses. It does not transmit the unsightly dark shadows given due to the linear LED filaments.

Daylight Italia” – says Ivan Pravettoni, founding partner and CEO of the Company” – is always careful to develop practical and professional sources and solutions for everyday life while maintaining a very high-quality standard. This range adds to the extensive offer of light bulbs for specialists we have had in the catalogue for years, which is a source of pride for our Company. Bulbs like the R125 (the first on the market at 1000 lumens), the Silver Dome, the T25, G125, are all bulbs of certified quality and rigorously dimmable”.


DL, always something new.

Daylight Italia


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