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Dichroic tiles for pools, wellness and hospitality

1 February 2022

The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) meets the glass mosaic tiles


PVD is a technology allowing the creation of incredibly resistant coatings thus widely applied in aerospace, automotive and technical lighting sectors. The Company ODL is now reinterpreting PVD to offer the world of design a perfect combination between aesthetic creativity and functionality through innovative technological performances.


Anti-corrosion dichroic mirror

No more corrosion, oxidation, or blackening: the superior coating deposited on glass tiles provides superior shine, endless durability to chlorine, salt, and sulphur. A specially designed coating developed as an alternative to the traditional aluminium layer. ODL Dichroic Mirror Coating of <1,4 µm thickness deposited on glass tiles provides superior shine while granting endless durability to chlorine, salt, and sulphur.


Infra-red against water heat dissipation

Minimize water heat dissipation without altering design aesthetics: the IR coating reflects the heat while not affecting tiles’ characteristics, colours, and textures. A specially designed IR Mirror Coating is deposited on glass tiles to reflect the heat conveyed by IR light waves, thus maximizing efficiency in water heat dissipation reduction. The coating does not affect tiles’ colours, texture, and overall aesthetics.


Backlighting: one tile, two colors

Patterns, shapes, and colours appear just by switching on the light. Designed for backlit swimming pools and wall surfaces, the colours of the tiles change using front light or backlight. It is a dichroic treatment specially designed for mosaic tiles applied to swimming pools or backlit vertical surfaces, therefore two solutions in one: a design with lights off, another with lights on. An innovative tool is now available to designers, for unique yet customizable creations.


Advantages of dichroic treatments

  • Wide colour palette, superior colour shine
  • Applicability on tiles of different sizes and shapes
  • Applicability on glass or different substrates
  • No corrosion, oxidation, or blackening due to chlorine, salt, and sulphur
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide customization possibilities
  • The extra thin coating improves performance while not altering the tiles’ aesthetics nor its eco-friendly disposal implications
  • Commitment to the environment: ODL coatings are sustainable, hypoallergenic, 100% compatible with healthcare, wellness, and food sectors, where safety is paramount.


Ideal for mosaics applied to:

  • Pools and Walls Surfaces
  • Wellness
  • Spa & Resorts
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Healthcare


Dichroic treatments designed and manufactured by ODL consist of interference multilayer deposits of dielectric oxides, metals, and other compounds, deposited through Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes, by Evaporation and Sputtering technology.

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