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Domenico Pintavalle, sales Director in HEP introduced us to new products

4 April 2022

All-over support, high quality and flexible deliveries


HEP group operates worldwide as traditional and innovative electronic lighting control gear manufacturer suppling products which match highest safety and performance standards. Domenico Pintavalle, sales Director in HEP since 2012, introduced us to new products and items of the last catalogue giving important hints about HEP’s strong commitment to costumers with value-added to quality and service. HEP group is specialized in the innovation and manufacture of environment friendly, energy saving delicate electronic lighting control gear for industrial and commercial purposes. HEP GmbH in Germany provides to its European costumers an optimal service and grants timely delivery from its warehouse. HEP GmbH’s engineering department is the main development and certification center of the group and it works in close collaboration with the affiliated R&D center of HEP Tech Co. Ltd based in Taiwan. The German department is equipped to perform innovative and advanced development, measurements and it employee the highest technical know-how to ensure utmost performance.

Domenico is really proud of the ongoing reactions from the Italian market towards HEP brand: “During the last ten years we have experienced a strong and sustained growth which means that we are always looking for the best solutions paying even a greater attention to trends of a very competitive market. When I started in Italy, it was only with one costumer; today we are serving more than 80. It is truly satisfying, but above all, what is really impressing me it is the standing and reputation that the Italian Lighting companies have in the global market”.


The new catalogue 2022

As usual a new catalogue in HEP is conceived with a smooth and simple open-structure allowing customers to move easily move an impressive list of items to freely choice their own best solution: five families of products (track light drivers, dimmable constant current and non-dimmable constant current drivers, dimmable constant voltage and non-dimmable constant voltage drivers).

Domenico continues presenting the HEP’ world and philosophy “the most important challenge for us, an essential part of our work and day by day efforts, it is to be ready and always present on market with quality and competitive products both in terms of features offered by the incorporate components and final prices”.

For all of this reason, innovations are developed through incremental logic as a competitive advantage in order to offer solutions that can be adapted to the new needs. This is the case of the INTRACK driver series: the complete range includes CASAMBI, DALI DT8 tunable white, DALI DT6, Phase Dim and on/off types.

DALI PROFESSIONAL SERIES. Especially the latest Driver LTDC50W1500NLRP UNI which includes cRus certification for worldwide use. DALI dimmable LED Driver for constant current of 500-1500 mA. Average service life 50,000 h.

DALI DT8 TUNABLE WHITE SERIES which include the proper solution for various installations, for remote or built-in (linear and compact) use.

CV DALI dimmable LED drivers’ series, including DT6 / DT8 (tunable white) solutions which cover a 5 – 200 W range.

HEP expand its DALI series with items that comply to the D4i-standard. This DALI-standard for intelligent, IoT-ready luminaires was introduced by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and being certified shows interoperability of luminaires and sensors amongst others. In addition to the D4i-standard these drivers are equipped for looping functions, come with a screwless strain relief and their output current is adjustable in steps of 1 mA throughout the drivers range via NFC. Easy and Fast output current setting via NCF.

HEP smart solutions, block of three different drivers: 12, 25 and 40 W connectable with 3 different RF modules (CASAMBI, TUYA Bluetooth and TUYA Zigbee).

Intelligent Driver for project business, the on/off drive series with a huge working range from 3 – 30 V, 250 – 700 mA with NCF in an attractive housing.

NFC technology is often available on HEP’s product series to quickly change the driver current, reduce the burden on the engineer and to set the color tuning range.

Create your LED Driver

D.P: “HEP group is strongly committed to make sure that its LED drivers meet the costumers’ requirements in all specification: the group is ready to receive key data by its customers and the engineering department check feasibility and cost structure to provide a detailed offer”.

Customizable features include:

  • Housing design
  • Input/output voltage
  • Current ranges
  • PCB shape
  • Dimming option


D.P:All customized product solutions maximize design flexibility with benefits found in the standard HEP products. HEP’s experience in sourcing, production processes, quality control and logistics, assure that its supply chain assume the perfect conditions for bringing new ideas to mass market”.

HEP—High-reliability Electronic Performance means a strong commitment to customers with value-added quality and services. As a strategic partner, it promises not only to meet customer’s special requirements, but also to look forward to remain an engine of their innovation.

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