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Domus Line lights up the future of furnishing lighting with innovation and technology

15 October 2023

The new collections unveiled at Sicam 2023


Domus Line brings technological innovation to the centre of its design approach, pursuing a mission to redefine the traditional concept of lighting furniture. At SICAM 2023, the company will focus on overcoming boundaries and conventions to offer unique and extraordinary lighting solutions for the modern home, an aim encompassed in the claim that sums up the new collections – ‘Switch on The Future‘.

The new controllers with artificial intelligence, Chip Scale Package light sources, and dual colour D-Motion Wave sources configurations, now also available in linear luminaires, the development of high luminous efficacy luminaires and self-powered kinetic switches, the new NEXT control systems, combined with the design of the new META collections (Andrea Federici Design) and the versatility of NEXUS, HIPSO, KRONOS and APEX DARK, define the contours of the novelties presented at the International Show in Pordenone. These demonstrate the company’s constant commitment to offering avant-garde solutions for the furniture and furnishing sector on which the brand continues to focus, working alongside the leading European and international producers and distributors.


D-MOTION WAVE, patented

Innovation is transformed into an emotional visual experience thanks to a new dynamic, progressive and synchronised control technology for D-MOTION dual colour luminaires. WAVE is an exclusive Domus Line project inspired by the most innovative headlight units in the automotive sector. The dynamic nature of the light and its colour arouse an emotion that is capable of releasing a sense of surprise and beauty. The added value brought by the WAVE technology to the luminaires means being able to offer the market a solution that is not only innovative but also distinctive.

The D-MOTION WAVE configuration applied to the linear profiles APEX, THEA, NEXUS, MICY, SYSTEMA and the spotlights of the UNIKA, HOLL and HIPSO collections, is available with integrated or remote control and dimming systems, and with infrared or pyrolytic sensors, to manage the progressive and synchronised switching on of all light sources in soft-on mode, reverse sequence switch-off, brightness control and colour temperature selection in dynamic (Tunable White) or selective (White Changeable) mode.


META, Andrea Federici design

Designed by Andrea Federici, META is a unique design featuring a structural linear profile fitted with two single or dual colour D-MOTION and D-MOTION WAVE light sources, one on the lower side and one on the upper side, combined with elegant shelves 100mm (META-100) and 150mm (META-150) deep. The shelf hooks onto the groove of the structural profile with a simple gesture allowing the product to be configured according to specific space organisation requirements. In this way, the shelf is transformed into a true furnishing accessory, offering dynamism and movement to the walls and guaranteeing the typical functionality of support with the different shelves, each of which features an elegant containing edge.

META-100, recommended for application in the kitchen, ensures order while giving the decor an extremely light effect. META-150 with integrated power supply and two USB-C sockets, is recommended for setting up bookcases, minimalist wall units, decorating entrance halls as a pocket emptier, as a shelf at the side of beds, or for any other use where it is advantageous to connect the device directly to the mains. Thanks to META BESPOKE, a custom-made design and production service, Domus Line can also respond to the industry’s OEM demands, for those looking for a high-quality, bespoke product. META BESPOKE also includes a support service for developing “made to measure” accessory collections. The structural profile can be associated with bespoke accessories with specific shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.


HIPSO, Domus Line design

Domus Line continues the path of spotlight innovation that began with the UNIKA collection and continued with HOLL and KRONOS, transforming an accent luminaire into a modular and integrable light track, available in a wide range of configurations and featuring advanced controls for colour temperature, brightness and WAVE dynamic control. A miniaturised, compact ring of light offering excellent visual comfort, with a central core that also houses the controller. HIPSO D-M and HIPSO D-MWA are luminaires in which the elements are modular and can be integrated with one another, to simplify and restore order and harmony.

The light is distributed by integrating a perimeter light source in a slim luminaire which dematerialises in the “blind hole” configuration, leaving the light to trace the shape of the luminaire on its own. The decomposition of the luminaire is combined with modularity, allowing many different configurations of an object that can be installed in normal or milled grooves or blind holes, with integrated switch or support for surface installation. Each module can be combined with standard power supply or light flow and colour temperature control systems to form appealing compositions and, depending on the models, create charming light effects.

HIPSO D-M integrates a D-Motion dual-colour light source that enables the user to select the colour temperature of the luminaire dynamically in stages, using remote control systems sold separately. The D-MOTION WAVE configuration integrates a dual-colour D-MOTION WAVE LED module that can manage the progressive switching on and off of the light source.


Domus Line

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