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Edges and profiles by Gildo Profilati

2 November 2022

Where the aesthetic evolution reaches the tactile sense and goes beyond the visual one


In the production of edges and extruded profiles, the market is subject to continuous evolution generated by the aesthetic needs of the operators, both in furniture and furnishing decoration and in technical or specific applications. The decoration of the edges and extruded profiles surface occurs using different technologies and methods ranging from the simple colouring of the polymeric material to more advanced techniques, such as surface coating with foils, both in metal (usually aluminium) and polyester by gluing or hot stamping.

On the one hand, Gildo Profilati responds to the consumers’ requests by supplying them with what they require, and on the other, the company is faithful to its mission as an innovative and avant-garde company, where continuous research and development allow the creation of items never seen before. In this case, for example, the Brianza-based company (Italy) outperformed itself by giving life to a new type of edges and profiles in which the aesthetic evolution reaches the tactile sense to appreciate the sensation that the raised surface arouses by touching it.

The new decorative foils are available in a range of finishes recalling the different shades of metals such as lead, copper, gold, etc. In addition, a further prerogative, which the embossed surface of the edge offers, is that as the brightness and position of the product change, the visual effect also changes in a play of iridescent colours. It is also appropriate to highlight an aspect that is not negligible and highly appreciated on the market: the remarkable resistance to scratching, thanks to a careful choice of raw materials required to be highly responsive to stress.

The new range of embossed colours is applicable in unlimited shapes of edges and extruded profiles, whether there are rigid products, then made in bars cut to size, whether they are soft and then packaged in reels. These new finishes are also used in automatic edging by edge bander machines, allowing their application on doors or panels used in the furniture and furnishings sector.


Gildo Profilati

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