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Egle and Margot, the two new exciting chandeliers by Italamp

18 October 2023

Born in the sign of design and decorative innovation


Light is emotion, and ITALAMP, thanks to its deep knowledge of glass in all its production and application typologies, has since 1975 demonstrated a distinctive talent in interpreting it through original and suggestive narratives. The great skill in blowing glass and carving crystal shapes the valuable material at the service of light, reinterpreting the most classic configurations according to contemporary trends.

And from this design thought come two extraordinary novelties signed by Roberta Vitadello, a designer of great sensitivity and a profound connoisseur of the glass material and its expressive potential. The new MARGOT and EGLE chandeliers contain elements of classic Italian manufacturing and contemporary details in a perfect balance. The new proposals enrich the “Opera” catalogue that ITALAMP dedicates to the classical solutions of the brand, finely interpreted with elegance and the use of precious materials.

The EGLE chandelier, radiant and shining with its light, reflects all the characteristics of its name. The elegant structure is spread over three levels and made of artistic glass and carved crystal with decorations that seem to flourish and convey a sense of life and fullness. The sinuous arms multiplying in a cascade support the modern lampshades in ivory pleated fabric-like stems, and the crystal decorations emphasize the architecture by creating fascinating and suggestive plays of light. The hook detail in a satin gold finish dominating the work and accentuating its beauty is unique and further embellished by small chromed metal details that, like drops of dew, arouse emotions. EGLE is the spokesperson for a modern and refined fluid aesthetic where decorative aspects of design and classic echoes perfectly meet.

Amaze and excite by enhancing tradition, the ancient and noble “know-how” made in Italy, synonymous with concreteness and precious roots on which to build the future. That is an ambitious assumption guiding Roberta Vitadello’s design thinking in interpreting the MARGOT chandelier. The novelty – whose name derives from Margherita – is a complete and perfect micro-architecture as a whole and turns its gaze to the classic lines with a timeless design to interpret the most elegant trends. As rare as a pearl and of incomparable beauty, this chandelier is produced in hand-carved crystal and artistic glass, combined with precious materials creating a romantic light. The supporting structure is metal with a matt black finish, the lampshades are in smooth anthracite fabric and the decorative metal details are designed in gold finish embellished with stones. The ornamental value of MARGOT is powerful. Each element is skilfully combined to give life to this iconic piece of great personality and decorative strength.


Italamp develops and manufactures its products entirely in Italy, which stands out for its strong personality and the use of artisan techniques that guarantee the highest quality and uniqueness for each creation.

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